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“This is my personal favorite, and it’s one step closer to freedom – CUBA LIBRE. I wanted to pay a sensorial tribute to my family heritage. Cuba is warm, sexy and vibrant. It’s designed for confident individuals who flirt with the unknown.” Says Armando on the launch of his new range of fragrance line Pitbull Cuba.


As Mr Worldwide launches this particular range. The timing couldn’t have been better in light of recent events in Cuba. Could it be a little whiff of freedom?
As Pitbull’s brand extension Cuba Man features ‘top notes of rosemary, bergamot, lemon and cardamom, highlighted by jasmine, coriander and oakmoss. Dry notes of tonka bean, cedarwood and musk round out this aromatic blend’
Cuba Woman is said to be designed for the’seductress hidden within and takes your breath away with a mesmerizing balance of citrus fruit and floral notes. Bergamot, mandarin, pomelo and white pineapple compose the top notes, while rich orange flower, magnolia, freesia and mimosa blossoms round it out. Finishing touches of soft amber, warm blonde woods and layered musks polish out the intoxicating fragrance’ Sounds a bit like Pitbull’s kind of woman.
The fragrances ooze the vibrancy, sultriness, culture and heritage coming out of Cuba. Not only IN the bottle but OUTSIDE too. In consistency with Pitbull’s original design of bottle, this sky scraper, ‘shard-like’ shape and identity has been carried through this brand extension of the Pitbull range of fragrances. With a clear presence of the Cuban flag on both male and female bottles and boxes (long set of pins on the female ones- don’t get distracted and get the wrong one fellas!). I will allow the images of the vibrant packaging which colourfully stands out from the current range, and arrests the eyes do the rest of the talking.
The range will is available exclusively at
Can’t wait to try the new female scent. Very curious!. Now – Where’ a Cuban Man when you want to smell?

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