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Pitbull’s Song "Ya Se Acabo" comes back 10 years later

Ding dong the witch is dead, wait that’s Wizard of Oz. It’s Fidel Castro (no explanation required) who has left the planet, which sees the song Ya Se Acabo released after a decade. Over to you AER Management:

Pitbull’s Song “Ya Se Acabo” comes back 10 years later after Cuba’s President Fidel Castro dies.

Ya Se Acabo!! It’s over!! It began 10 years ago! In July 2006, Cuban Americans in Miami, Florida got their first hope that Fidel Castro was assumed dead.

Most Cubans took to the streets of Miami hoping that it would all be over. While reaching out to engineer/producer Adrian “Drop” Santalla,Pitbull had a vision of taking the record Chango from Latin Express to reproduce this sound. When Pitbull gave him a call to finish the record, Drop was at his brothers’s wake, thus Pitbull dedicating the first few seconds of the record, screaming out “This goes out to DROP’s older brother Raul Garcia!” Drop and Pitbull organized a masterpiece for the Cuban people, it had the recipe for the anthem, a voice for the Cuban people.

“Ya Se Acabo” was released in all local radio stations in Miami, DJ Laz and Power 96 being the number one advocates. It was short-lived when news broke that Castro was still alive.

Now almost 10 years later, this song is perfectly suited for what just happened on Friday November 25, 2016 with Cuba’s President Fidel Castro’s death.

(Source AER Management)


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