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Harassment? I think I may need to ‘toss over’ my dictionary to you Taylor Wing (Pop Sugar) What you need to understand about Pitbull is that it would have been in a complimentary, cheeky, fun and playful context for the way in which Jana Cramer’s fiery performance had moved him –  which a sexy dance such as a tango intends to do. Throwing those moves, throw that dress over- you know he’s into appreciating how a woman dresses and carries herself- sassy, classy and perhaps caught in the moment of appreciating women respectfully. I’m sure he wouldn’t have meant get naked there and then on stage! I don’t see any of the other panel or contestants offended so easily? Pitbull has more class than that and admiration for women, the work they do, strength and struggles some go through. Many of his lyrics reflect this. I’m happy to share some with you to enlighten you.

“It was sexy, it was powerful, it was lust..Great job GUYS” To some easy to slip the attention but he said GUYS plural praise to both male and female contestants. Are the story lines running thin to create a pathetic Donald Trump comparison and controversial situation.  Please look up harassment in the dictionary. It’s an insult to Pitbull and the use of this word to individuals who genuinely go through this in life. Lighten up, look up the word humour and joke and have some fun. Thank you. Yes I am a woman as are the majority of his fans, I think that speaks volumes right there.


(Photo source ABC)

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