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Mr Mauricio Featuring Pitbull, Austin Mahone and Bobby Biscayne​ Bad Boyz screams Miami, smooth, sensual, sexy and full of facts of how a girl loves a bad boy and just can’t leave them alone (we just don’t know what’s good for us ladies do we..hmm or do we?)

Austin Mahone glides us smoothly through the chorus while Bobby Biscayne and Mr Mauricio takes us through verses. Bad Man, Bad Boy – Pitbull is simply the Baddest of them all. Although “It’s got a Scarface feel to it” In real life Pitbull realised soon enough that ending up like Tony Montana was not the right kind of ‘Bad Boy’ to be and in the song describes going “From thugs, goons and gangstas” (Welcome To Miami heeey!) ” To doing business with attorneys, investors and bankers. Taking the negatives to a positive ‘Bad Boy’ if ever there was one. Pitbull moulded and created his own definition of the suited, booted, classy, educated, savvy bad boy and bad man over the years. Pitbull goes back with a little Jungle Fever on us because “​Not e​ven John Lennon could IMAGINE that” Amongst ​the ​other revisited verses from the original hit Mr Mauricio and Pitbull’s Jam On It (2014)

A Pitbull rhyme with no women is a crime with “Menages they offer you know I’m all for that” Menage a trois, well, we all know Pitbull likes to have fun with two add Pitbull it’s three-Un, deux, trois. Dale! Out September 23rd.

Source: Mr 305 Inc Youtube

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