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Watching Watching Pitbull receive the iHeart Premio Corazon Latino Award was what Mr Worldwide would refer to as entering a forced ‘Feel This Moment’ standstill. Armando’s speech and emotions also visibly came from that place- the corazon. Tugging away at the strings of proud fan corazons worldwide.

Pitbull was presented with the award for creating opportunities with his Miami school SLAM (Sports Leadership and Management). From which the students had created a video highlighting all the work Pitbull has done with the school. Having been awarded this award Pitbull goes on saying his kids can’t eat awards and awards don’t mean anything to him BUT what it means to be somebody that can build a school in his own neighbourhood and give a future to kids that nobody believed in. That THIS award means the world to him. Before thanking his own high school teacher Hope Martinez publicly as the teacher who believed in him.

As Armando wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to show it. That is what makes him so beautiful. The speech was very moving to say the least and probably the second time as a fan I have seen his eyes well up with so much emotion as he spoke about SLAM and opportunities.

So Armando speaking from my corazon and possibly many other fans to yours, I have no more words (and I can talk for England) that could do justice to the work, love and dedication you have given to create opportunities and believe in kids. I wish every place, region, country were blessed with you to inspire, be encouraged to dream and materialise their goals. Mr Worldwide you have left me speechless. I am so incredibly proud of you (now stop making me cry as well!) Dale!

Con un corazón grande eso es Armando -Dale!

Find out more and click on SLAM Miami and SLAM Nevada


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