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What’s that Farruko? That’s right! Hoy Se Bebe because that’s what we will be doing today! Crack open the Voli.

While Pitbull and the rest of his team are most probably still out there celebrating, proud Pitbull fans worldwide are waking up to the news that our Lil’ chico  won a GRAMMY for Best Latin Rock, Alternative/Urban Album for “Dale”. Let’s Say it again. PITBULL AND HIS TEAM WON A GRAMMY! 

Pitbull continues to cause disruption and still making history.”Dile tu hermamo, tu prima, tu tia” Because that’s exactly what I did when I found out Pitbull had won. The Most Baddest Girls In Town with the Bad Man himself gave a dazzling performance with Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker for his new song and also with Sophia Vergara hanging out in a Taxi for El Taxi of course!

Causing a little disruption of my own, I say those derogatory views on social media that can’t seem to grasp HOW Pitbull won a Grammy, let alone be able to perform there?  I take a leaf out of Mr Worldwide’s book and say “I’m cool with it, act the fool with it” and advise maybe thinking outside of the box and tearing down that tunnel vision to appreciate his music for what it is, is an area to consider exploring. Because Pitbull isn’t going anywhere. There is no escape!

Incredibly proud moment for us fans. A heartfelt thank you and congratulations to Pitbull and all involved in bringing us this exceptional album. All of Team Pitbull from all the amazing artists featured to our favourite Rock Star photographer, Greg Watermann who takes us around the world with Pitbull through images and videos to it’s marketing by Yvette Medina (because I really enjoyed how this marketing guru brought this album to life before it was even born!) Executive Producers Robert Fernandez, and Mike Calderon (who is never 2 metres away from Pitbull) to Co-Producers DJ Chino, Jorgie Gomez, Publicity Tom Muzquiz  and more-the list goes on, just take a peek on the inside cover.  I’m feeling it for you, congratulations!

That’s right world “This is Dale..The album!” and it’s got a GRAMMY!


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