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Disappointed and disgusted at Billboard for taking such a cheap shot a national treasure with a disgraceful poll on Pitbull’s performance at the Grammys.

The performance of El Taxi can be viewed as breaking down ‘ridgid’ and ‘standard’ performance styles and injecting FUN into the awards show. Surprised it was seen thanks to it being credited with all the credits. The ‘choice’ of singing El Taxi may involve the fact that the song is actually on the album Pitbull won an award for -why not end with it?

A tasteless poll. For what? Attenion? Readership? Reaction? Could it be perceived as somewhat giving focus to the negative? Or instigating a situation? I fail to understand how the embarrassment of the Grammys angle comes from. If anything why not chose to see the Latin pride in Latinos on stage and winning Grammys -how about a positive spin there somewhere?

Pitbull may “be cool with it and act the fool with it” but the fans are unleashed and will and have been vocal in response to the poll and angle of the article. Congratulations to Billboard on unleashing the views and reactions of Mr Worldwide’s fans and I suppose say a well done for having others talking about him in any context-any publicity as they say…. My perspective.


Thank you


*Original Photo credit: Kevin Winter

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