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The Thicke, the Bad, the Perry and the Barker. No it’s not a new spin on a Clint Eastwood film but a reference to Mr Worldwide’s new song, Bad Man with Robin Thicke, Travis Barker (drummer Blink 182) and Joe Perry (Guitarist Aerosmith). Pitbull continues to shock and surprise with this song and range of talents featured on it.  I dare you to listen to this without bopping your head away or playing the air guitar.

“This is history in the making” Causing more ‘Climate Change’ and set to bring on more 2016
‘disruption’ in the charts as Pitbull crosses genres once again with rap and rock. Running straight in with his rhymes invading your ears and commanding attention with the drums and electric guitar from the first verse with a little reference to those who may no longer enjoy his style of music anymore. “They Say he don’t write no more…They say like Le Bron he ain’t got no heat no more…They say he ain’t  street no more…Like Jay (Z)  Say how SICK am I wish em HEALTH fo’sure!”

Cool with it and acting the fool with it, clearly not bothered by fans-turned haters and focused on growth and success in all forms- pa’lante! And then SLAM! “Went back to one of my own neighbourhoods and build a school in it” which has to be one of my favourite stings in his rhymes. Before going on to thank God,  his mum and Miami. Then a staple on Pitbull songs – his empire and women and telling them to  “come and get it girl” (you heard him Pitbull Girls- please form an orderly line!)

Following Travis Barker on the drums throughout and that guitar bridge three quarters of the way through with Joe Perry- wow!

A good guy at heart but has to be a bad man in an evil world (and a women’s world!). Although a purely ‘old school’ style album from Pitbull would be very welcome, however one can understand how Pitbull’s audience has grown and diversified since so it may not be so easy to go back, or as Mr Worldwide may say ‘don’t look back’. It’s 90% business as Pitbull says and that’s how it’s successfully going and growing since. Pitbull has EVOLVED and GROWN and opened up the ears of those fans who are willing to listen, enjoy his old music but open to try something new and stick around for more and enjoy.

Bad Man is rumoured to be a single from Pitbull’s upcoming album Climate Change and will premiere at the 58th Grammy Awards show on the 15th February. Check out the photo taken by the rock star photographer himself, Greg Watermann during a rehearsal..

I’m sure there will be one hell of a video to go with this at some point and see this as a hot summer festival tune- Think we need ALL you to front Glastonbury here in the UK with this one Pitbull (feel free to get Stephen Tyler in for a remix too!)




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