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The scramble to get your hands on a winning ticket through Miami’s Hits 97.3 to watch Mr 305-Worldwide-Agent A-Armando Bond was all over leaving some lucky fans counting down to see Pitbull LIVE on Friday 19th June. The only way IN was to WIN.

Hits 97.3 held a Pits Sessions Live show at Fort Lauderdale’s premier concert venue Revolution Live with Sushi Sake. Michelle Dennis, a very lucky, amazing #PitbullGirl who I have had the great pleasure to meet and one who has always been fiercely supporting Pitbull won a ticket to see the interview and mini-concert at the Pits Session. A very special thank you to Michelle and Nicole Morales for their photos enjoying the Pit Sessions.
Pitbull was on stage interviewed by Hits 97.3’s Kimmi Bell and the Lil’Chico’s very, very proud uncle. A special man engraved in Pitbull’s history and journey, the legendary DJ Laz. 

DJ Laz, the first DJ to play Pitbull on air was introduced to him by yet another uncle, Uncle Luke who also needs no explanation to Pitbull fans around the world. Find out what DJ Laz said when Pitbull turned up with a ‘Goon Squad’. How the journey with Pitbull has been the best journey of DJ Laz’s life and which song ‘in progress’ was the one that gave DJ Laz goosebumps and predicted it’s success around the globe.

Pitbull answers many more fun questions from the hosts of the DJ Laz Morning Show, South Florida’s Number one morning show and also a few from within the crowd with the help of Lulu and Lala also of Hits 97.3. Check out Pitbull’s responses to the subject of old school Pitbull music .v. Current Pitbull music and repping Miami around the world.
Mr 305-Worldwide gives a heartfelt statement and thanks to The Diaz Brothers, Lil’Jon, Uncle Luke and DJ Laz, the people to whom Pitbull says he owes a lot of his career to. Extending thanks also to fans for their support. Humble as ever, amongst other famous Pitbull lessons and phrases, reminds us you can’t buy health, fun and happiness.
A MUST watch. Click on the video below (To those out of the 305 and around the world, the penny drops as to where the lyrics to Off That “Pink Pony, Scarlets, Tootsies – I lurve dat!” come from!)
I won’t spoil it for you, get the Kleenex out and be warned there’s a lot of touching emotional bromance content. Click on the video to watch the interview and performance with Pitbull, the Most Bad Ones and DJ Chino.
Dale – EeeeYAW!

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