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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas for seven nights with Pitbull at least!
Mr Worldwide is set to perform at the AXIS at the Planet Hollywood and Casino Resort. Being the year or making history Pitbull says “From Sinatra, to Elvis to Mr Worldwide. It’ll be the time of our lives, dale!” as he announced a string of performances which begins on the 23rd of September, on iHeart Radio’s Face book page today.

Vegas, fun (a lot of sinful fun) and with Pitbull announcing his ventures relating to Playboy gaming earlier and with HOLLYWOOD where it’s walk on which his hands are soon to be imprinted –  the venue only seems fit. Could this possibly NOT be the end of the announcements? I will take to my crystal ball and expect more announcements to do with his ventures in the gaming industry and hopefully his hands in that walk sooner than we think around that time – you heard the predictions here first!
You can see Pitbull perform with a chance also to meet him on this link (US residents only and other restrictions apply)

(Photo source: iHeart Facebook)

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