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Pitbull and Chris Brown are the new Miami Vice boys in town! As the video starts with a shot of looking up into the  ‘palm trees and blue skies’ a quick nostalgia of Pitbull’s Welcome To Miami takes over momentarily, until Chris Brown gets out of his car to meet Pit to inform him that his new beau is responsible for running the import/export drug trade from Colombia ordering Pitbull to go undercover. Pitbull as always with a game plan – to have his wicked ways with her and have fun before it all goes down.


The birds-eye ocean view build up to the Miami skyline at sunset as the Miami Vice programme was a treat. Directed by Gil Green the scene takes us back to the 80’s where the party was definitely STILL in the pineapple (when Pitbull was probably a little nipper himself in real life!) The colourful Miami art deco style brings the 305 even more alive with the video full of classic neon pink, blue and whites.


Ferrari’s to a pool party and not short of any sexy Bad Ones at poolside. From the house to a power boat party and back to South Beach on the porch of the Ocean Surf Hotel to keep the party going after dark. Pitbull sneaks off to have some fun elsewhere inside the hotel with his raven haired beauty before the sting. The way Pitbull grabs his lady throughout the fun times leaves more to the imagination. Not known to be one to get caught out, Pitbull finds himself surprisingly played by the woman and is handcuffed to a chair. 

Tut-tut Pitbull, too busy having FUN and took your eyes off the ball or what was it as you once sang “F*ck she took my love”


Catchy, colourful, FUN, nostalgic, energetic and a pleasure to watch!

Dale EeeYAW!


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