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Pitbull is able to stop the traffic anywhere in the world but last night as Piensas featuring his very own Mr 305 Inc’s Gente De Zona video made its premiere on the Sony Digital Billboard it may have been Times Square, New York at 7pm that came to a standstill.
But the treats didn’t stop there. Fans were encouraged to get down to Times Square to watch the video go out but perhaps not to ‘piensas’ too long about it otherwise they would miss out the free merchandise handed out by Mr 305 Inc.
Piensas, the first single released from Pitbull’s upcoming Spanish album Dale is set it in 1959 Havana and sees Pitbull, Gente De Zona and The Most Bad Ones in a club ringing in the New Year.
Directed by a personal favourite for Pitbull music videos, David Rousseau, the video is sleek, classy and captures the sexy essence and spirit of partying in Habana in that era.
While Pitbull and Gente De Zona are sing away to us in what seems like a courtyard within the club, The Most Bad Ones don their adaptation of hot Cuban dancers outfits with headpieces, feathers and cheek on show before a quick change to hit a private table and bring in the New Year in style with Pitbull’s Voli Black.
Strategic product placement of Voli Black sees the distinctive vodka flowing prominently throughout the video and demonstrating just how to enjoy the drink and “Stay Sexy” as the liquor, whether it be at the table, bar or waving the exquisite bottle in the air.

It looked like something serious may have been about to go down near the end but then again what was it that Pitbull said with a friendly but firm hand on the shoulder to the gentleman on the way out of the club. A friendly warning or “You better get back in there the Voli is great, dale!”

Dale EeeYAW!

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