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The Official Life’s A Beach video for Heymous Molly is sure to get you feeling jolly! We all know Pitbull has been listening to the song and no doubt must be watching the official video.

Directed by Jonathan Augustavo with numerous awards and nominations under his belt, the official Life’s A Beach video features some very impressive dance moves by Yusuke Nakai starting in what seems as a tribal fur-cuffed robe staring longingly at a postcard of a beach at sunset captioned ‘Life’s A Beach’ as he then looks around his hilly, mountain-like surroundings. Replacing the dull views with images of the beach, he impulsively decides to break out in a dance as the waves in his imagination make a break for the shore.

Realising he needs only to dance his way across the bridge to get to this promised land in LA, Yusuke Nakai proceeds. Dancing through the streets passing on the infectious popping dance moves and injecting vitality and zest to those he interacts with. Managing to even get a guy begging on the street looking on the bright side and up dancing, who eventually hands over what we can assume was a package with a wad of cash which Yusuke uses to get new stylish gear to fit in. Before finally finding the beach.

Half expecting the final shot to be zoomed out to reveal that we were all watching the video on a tablet/ipad with Heymous Molly from his point of view with one hand holding the tablet, another with a drink in his hand, a back drop of the beach and with toes in the sand. Alternatively the video adds more fun and mystery to ‘who is Heymous Molly’

Initially a reminiscent touch of Kiesza’s Hideaway but with more of an original, uplifting story and fun filled choreography. Cheerful, upbeat, cool and a joy to watch. A happy ending for someone searching for that carefree place and passing on that feeling to others on the way, including the viewers. Life’s a beach, up on your feet and put those dance skills on show, everybody throw your hands up higher heeyyyy yeaaaa!


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