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Looks like the season for radio run promos! Putting on hold riding his bike at night briefly, Jamie Drastik no stranger to taking a ‘Jump’ has been doing just that – jumping on and off planes and from one radio station to another talking about his music, new album and more. 
My Day which HAS to be in the top fan favourites on Jamie Drastik’s new album Jump The Take Off was first played on air by radio station in 102.5 KDON (Monterey CA)which was also visited by Jamie.
If you thought Pitbull was harder to follow and catch then follow Mr 305 Inc’s Jamie Drastik as he spins through interviews and freestyles at radio stations faster than the cartoon Tasmanian devil from Hot 104.7, Power 98.3, Hot 98.3, Hot 94.1, Power 106 FM in LA, Q104.7. Taking Hudson Valley to Hollywood!
Keep up and follow Jamie on his radio-a-thon through the links below and check out the album review



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