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The Billboard Music Awards 2015 on ABC took place last night, one of the of the biggest nights in music bursting at the seams full of talented artists. 
Party King Pitbull along with the sexiest, classiest dancers around, The Most Bad Ones gave a spectacular performance at the BBMA’s Awards with Chris Brown showing the rest of us just how having  ‘Fun’ should be done as they ‘hook us up with a brand new high’ dazzling the audience and raising the energy at the venue.


Opening with Chris Brown in all red amongst the Most Bad Ones dressed in classy, angular cut white semi-gowns on white sofas. The song soon takes us to Mr Worldwide on the roof top level of the classy Miami themed stage crib (you know mami, you know how it is… let’s go the crib!)  
Pitbull in white with a feint blue blazer with a touch of grey looking stylish and sexy as ever as he and Chris Brown bust some salsa moves on stage together in sync
A great show! Always a pleasure and honour to be a part of the Official BBMA’s street team/ BBMAS Squad. Thank you to Dick Clark Productions for having me.
If you missed the show, check out the link below and catch up on all the action.
All images courtesy of Dick Clark Productions team

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