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Heymous Molly on the Radio Run

Heymous Molly has been a busy beach bum this week! Mr Life’s a Beach put his drink down and took his toes out of the sand temporarily to run through radio stations on his radio promo tour this week. Getting round quicker than you can say ‘Dale!’ with the re-release of Life’s A Beach which is set to be the anthem for summer 2015 and quite possibly reaching another high by the time it is July the 4th

Heymous has been out there stopping by San Diego’s KyXy 96.5 to give us a smooth ‘afternoon ride’ in their new music lab with a live performance too. Off to Z90.3 (San Diego), Y100.9 FM (Santa Rosa California), Energy 103.7 (San Diego) and 107.9 The End (Sacramento California) so far. I’m not taking the Mickey when I say that Life’s a Beach made it into Radio Disney’s Music Mail Bag this week and with the man himself straight into their studio. The Radio promo run is not over yet! 

Keep up with Heymous and join the promo run via @heymousMolly and through other links below to find out more about his radio run where Heymous Molly talks music, career and of course about Pitbull!

Here’s a little TBT from last year when I caught up with Heymous Molly for his first interview in 2014 when he first broke into the music scene.

Official Life’s a Beach Lyric Video

Twitter:    @heymousmolly
Instagram: @heymousmolly

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