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Echoes of “My mom taught me to fight… “ Lyrics to Triumph (Rebelution) bounces around the head watching the feature on the Today Show with ‘Mr Education’ Pitbull himself who spoke from where his heart truely is. That is from the Sports Leadership And Management Charter School (SLAM) which Pitbull co-founded, telling us about the most important lesson in life his mother taught him. How to survive.
It was like watching parts of VH1 Pitbull Behind The Scenes again at some points. We know how much Pitbull’s mother means to him and it’s visible as he gets choked up and tries to hide the emotion through his voice and eyes every time he talks about his mother (you can’t hide it Armando! We see it, we love you for it and get emotional with you).Thank you Mommy Armando for giving us the incredible man that he is today.
Dressed in a white chequered jacket and black shirt, Pitbull talks about his visits to the school and how when he sees the kids he sees himself, as well as the reactions of the kids in the school upon seeing Mr Worldwide as he walks through.
Pitbull also tells us more about the Latin community and SLAM. Going into how the education programs offered by the school is varied and caters for more than those with directly related athletic aspirations, for example. But don’t take my word for it, click on Pitbull below and check out the video from

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