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Ladies! Back back back it up with this new track by (say it with me now) RoooYCE featuring Pitbull. The Prince and King get together for a collaboration.

Prince Royce introduced himself as the new boyfriend right from the start full of compliments and expressions of how her body makes him feel while Pitbull jumps in later. No stranger to telling girls just how to back it up- other times like a tonka truck yet this time advises to back it up quick enough so the boyfriend (Royce!) doesn’t find out.

Extended thanks to Mr Worldwide for being an unknowing guest writer on and telling us from the start “It’s got that dancehall feel to it!” The song has that soft ‘n’ sexy vibe.

Damelo Papi Chulo! Dame mas! Catchy track already starting to take over the airwaves.

Click onto the image below to listen (YouTube video credit and thanks to Almendra Calderon)


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