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The annual Calle Ocho 2015 Latin street festival was one big party. Full of Latin pride even I got whirled into the vibe feeling like an honorary part Cuban, Dominican, Puerto Rican for the day!

Vibrant, colourful Cuban and Puerto Rican flags everywhere, an array of food flavours in the atmosphere, drinks flowing in every direction with the temperatures soaring luckily I had my Voli cap to keep the sun off (Cheers Voli!).Chef Teach Creates also had a stand, mac cheese not to be missed! Unfortunately I did miss it so I’m currently nursing my bruises from kicking myself for it! 

Initially accompanied there by the official Pitbull impersonator Mr Pimpbull 305, I later parked my culo outside the Kiwani’s stage where Mr 305 Inc artists were due to perform.

Apart from the sensational Sensato, there was one act in particular I had travelled to see Live, that is the extremely talented Papayo. Screaming at the front row “Papayo!” He came towards my end of the stage and said “Besos..!” with a gesture to match. Thank you, I caught it! Right back at you Papayo! Listening and watching Papayo Live was a dream. Dressed in a slick black jacket, shirt and loafers Papayo worked the stage and got the crowd going. A natural performer 
with great stage presence and live vocals spot on. 

The biggest treat however was yet to come as Sensato and Papayo performed together their hit Que Lo Que, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Earlier Sensato sent the crowd wild and performed alongside El Tal Mickey hits such as Watagatapitusberry, Booty Booty Booty and other personal favourites Bello and Taxi. Known for his unique style and for me his shoes is something my eyes always get drawn to in vibrant animal print with just under the knees but worn over the tracksuit cream socks. Only the Del Patio can pull that look off ‘bello!’ Later I challenged Team Sensato’s El Tal Mickey who can do the ‘bird sound’ better check it out below along with more videos and images of the day.

Mr 305 Inc’s Fuego also performed some of his hits and was a pleasure to see. 

Elsewhere while Space 305 was busy taking shots of the acts on stage, local Pitbull Girl Michelle Dennis and I were busy taking shots if him. Amongst others, Space 305 is also responsible for many of Mr 305 Inc’s Jamie Drastik exceptional music videos such as The Decision from Jamie Drastik’s latest album Jump.

Jason Cerda (below right) in particular was an act that was a breath if fresh air. All singing, dancing with ‘the body’ and such a delight to meet. An extremely talented artist. Thank you Jason for stopping by to talk to me it was an honour-say hi to your lovely mum too who was with Michelle and I watching your performance with pride.

Elsewhere breakdancing, Miss Carnival Miami to twerking contests were in full flow to entertain the crowd.

As the day and performances went on it was Flo Rida brought to Calle Ocho 2015 by Mr 305 Inc who was closing the show, crowd surfing, stripping off his top (no complaints from me) and gathering footage for a new video.

A great experience and fun day all round later heading off to Mango’s with Mr Pimpull where it was lovely to meet Team Pitbull’s DJ Africa.

Calle Ocho 2015 was in it’s 38th year of celebrating Latin culture and music. Where proceeds from sponsorship of which Mr 305 Inc participates, goes towards the Kiwani’s Of Little Havana Foundation.

On the way home walking through Calle Ocho and feeling the moment and reflecting on the day amongst the hustle and bustle of excited, happy crowds brushing past, I come across a a great ‘Fresco’ murial by Artistes Pumariega of Pitbull which was the icing on the cake to the end of a perfect day.

Check out the photos and video’s below. Let me know if I can get close enough to Team Sensato’s El Tal Mickey’s signature scream!)  

Thank you, enjoy and dale!


Check out more VIDEOS…



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