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It was great to meet the legendary DJ Laz just outside the Hits 97.3 radio studio, Miami.

Let’s go way back in time to around 2003 where it really begun. When Pitbull put his own raw spin on Welcome To Atlanta (Jermaine Dupri) with a tribute to the 305 as ‘Welcome To Miami’. Having given the track to DJ Laz to share with his listeners his switchboard and station at that time was soon enough inundated with interest and requests to play the song over again.

Keep your eyes open as this dear friend and great supporter of Pitbull’s vision from day one often pops up in his music videos from Everybody Get Up, Alright filmed at Calle Ocho to the more recent Time Of Our Lives.

Thank you DJ Laz for taking the time to talk to me. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to meet you. Dale!

DJ LAZ Morning Show Weekdays 05:30-10am on Hits 97.3

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