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Hot damn FireBaaaaaaawl! Call me psychic but you may have thought I was a little bonkers when I said “he came, he rapped, he conquers” and if you don’t believe me then you too should check out my 2013 & 2014 Birthday Rap tribute to Pitbull. Although I am liking the “or should I say I saw, I conquered, I came” aaay aay aay Pitbull. 
When Pitbull spits random rhymes out on Twitter you just know something is cooking! Fireball featuring John Ryan was unveiled today with perhaps even more genres and era’s ticked off Pit’s list. A cocktail of a song filled with a fusion of Brazilian/Latin, Latin rock, perhaps even a little jazz with a hint of a somewhat 50’s feel. Feeling a bit of something and everything with this song. Conjuring up images of the bar top dancing scene in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure surrounded by rockers where it features Tequila By The Champs but replaced by Pitbull and the Most Bad Ones dancing instead with The Agents – Bang have our own video to it now!
Fireball featuring John Ryan is from Pitbull’s upcoming album Globalization. As always, listen out for the hidden filth in the lyrics to bring out that grin as the penny drops when you realise what Mr Worldwide is banging or banging on about!
If you think he’s burning out he never is and over the years Pitbull has been turning up the heat in the industry and storming his way to the top, (pit)bulldozing his way like a fireball and spreading his music quicker than wildfire. Setting the globe let alone the roof on fire and sure this song will only ignite the flames even higher and spread that ‘Pitbull Fever’ even deeper.
Love the guitar at the beginning. One of those songs that will be happily stuck in heads for hours and hours and if you’re plugged in then possibly leave your body looking for any opportunity when noones watching to bust some dance moves in public (or is that just me?) or to the other extremes as suggested by Mr Worldwide, get your booty naked and light the roof on fire.
Pitbull is positively flammable and the song is very much on fire! 
Dale EeeYAW!

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