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PAPAYO- Como Yo Le Doy Remix

Papayo puts his magic touch on Pitbull and Mr 305 Inc artist Don Miguelo’s Como Yo Le Doy. As if the song wasn’t piping hot already, Papayo turns up the temperature another notch by putting his unique spin onto this exceptional remix.
Pitbull and Papayo give us two sides of sexy. Pitbull with his gravel like rough ‘n’ ready ‘I’ve already trapped you with my charisma’ voice and the allure of ‘SuPapayo’s’ vocals giving the song an even more sensual and smooth feel. Uuuff this remix is on fire and I’m enjoying getting burnt!
Tap onto the image below and listen to Papayo’s Como Yo Le Doy remix. Be warned you WILL be smitten!

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