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Following up from a lyric video, the official Good Time video by Inna featuring Pitbull was officially released today. Starting off with tight set up of cameras and speakers, the coin operated system gets to work searching for Mr Worldwide and then with a knick knack paddy whack  Pitbull now located and appears on the track!

The video is themed around various hashtags and different ways of ‘having a good time’ apart from the obvious Pitbull fun! Although when the direction to #Strip appears and a bra is clipped off from the back is given on screen, Mr Worldwide gave us one of his trademark cheeky grins unable to hide his glee and when the instruction #Drop is given and a shot of a row of legs with underwear being dropped we get that naughty Pit look with three fingers on show – is that “ I can have fun with three or I will take three of those please!”

As it goes on, Inna surrounded by dancers instructed by on screen hashtags to having random moments of fun. From simple pleasures as dancing amongst giant bubbles under the on screen instruction of #Bubbles to #Paintball #Cheerleader #Pajamaparty to Halloween come early as they all dress in white sheets for #Ghosts. Of course it wouldn’t be a Pitbull video if there were no endorsements making an appearance. Here we have Fiat making a rare show as we #HitTheRoad
Fun and entertaining, cheeky mixed with innocent ways of having a good time!
Anyone got a coin? It’s run out again and I want to watch the video – again! ( or just click on Pit on the right to take you to it!)

Dale EeeYAW!

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