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Aran Chin Chin video for Sensato featuring Mozart La Para has officially arrived.
The video kicks off with a Rolls Royce pulling up with a partygoer yet Sensato opts to choose a more fun mode of transportation, a wheel barrow! Join the Del Patio for what appears to be one crazy garden party with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Booze, sheisha, ladies workin’ it in and the twerkin’ it, with the odd chicken and geese roaming around and in one shot looking like they may be getting it on!
Produced by 3Ball MTY and visuals by joel ‘JFilmsHD’ Peralta the video also sees Sensato renowned for his sense of style and ‘senswagger’ showing us a few cap changes in the video too.
In the end what appears to be some kind of power cut shuts down the lighting but the party goes on!
A catchy tune within itself accompanied by a fun, party themed video for summer!
Click on Sensato below to watch Aran Chin Chin:

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