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Motiff featuring The Agents I’ll Be Fine video is officially here but not before relentless teasing my Motiff who eventually announced “Why Keep you guys waiting? Go to VEVO now!” on Twitter earlier today.

Opening with a bit of behind the scenes fun, a moonwalk, a glimpse of Pitbull, jamming away to Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way we’re whisked into watching Motiff, The Most Bad Ones and The Agents through an old television set.  Dressed in suitable attire for the first line of the first verse, Motiff kicks off with “You make me love like I’m crazy..” strapped up in a white straight jacket. The video takes us with Motiff from performing on stage with the talented Agents to driving around and stopping in a field and being tricked by his lady friend into being taken away by the men in white coats.

As if the song itself was not captivating enough, directed by Jose Sagaro, the real beauty of the video is the simplicity of how it captures Motiff and The Agents, an incredibly talented group of musicians mesmerising us by doing what they do best with passion and skill as the camera takes us closer to watch them at work. David Palma just killing it throughout on the sax, bassist Leo Brooks, Papayo on the percussions, Jorge Gomez working the keys and of course the dynamic Omar Tavarez on the drums. Motiff drawing us in with his vocals and hypnotic guitar skills engaging as always.

I’ll Be Fine video? More than just fine… BOOM!

Check out I’ll Be Fine by Motiff:

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