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Yo Mike move the finger so we can see you too…
(want me to get the aligning straight for you?)…
Sshh! Spin the camera round – Fans pull up a pew!
“At 45 thousand feet, you think I (Pit) care about the weather? Okay, maybe a little…”
But there’s other work to be done up there- somethin’ transmittal…
Welcomed turbulence on the network by Pit’s broadcast- Pow!
It’s now time to get used to, especially with YouNow!

Pitbull is once again on YouNow transmitting a live broadcast. This was no ordinary broadcast though, it was where Pit probably spends most of his time, up in the air! Pitbull spoke to fans over YouNow on his jet as he made his way to Sao Paulo for performing We Are One at the World Cup Opening ceremony. Expressing clear excitement and as always gratitude to those concerned for the opportunity. Click on Pitbull below to see the recorded broadcast.
Dale eeeYAW!

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