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Over the years Pitbull has ‘moved up from the streets, graduated hustler on his way to an entrepreneur’ showing us all that he knows exactly how to Shut It Down.

Mr 305 graduated to Mr Worldwide gave students a surprise when he showed up and fully kitted out in his graduation gown at the ceremony for Doral Academy Charter High School and Doral College in Florida on Tuesday. Being reportedly the first person to receive this type of degree from Doral College.

After graduating many years ago from Uncle Luke’s School of Hard Knocks and fast forward to today, Pitbull was given another honorary degree for his professional achievements and contributions made to education, such as the opening of SLAM.

Telling students “I have something that I live by, which is, take it from a negative to a positive” Passion, patience, perseverance and observe, absorb, apply are other motto’s the Lil’ Chico has lived by to also help get where he is today along with hard work and a positive, business minded attitude.

“Graduated at high school just not with my class..I’m like Einstein, I created my math..Hated algebra, but I loved to multiply..So I took my letters and made ‘em numbers right” Pitbull found his very own formula to success. 

Extremely proud of how far you have come and like many others watching you grow from afar over the years, not outgrown and growing with you always. Raising a glass and toasting to our professional hustler and inspirational icon, here’s us raising our ‘Drinks For You’ Pitbull. Congratulations!

Dale EeeYAW!


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