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Sensato is one of the most dynamic rappers around today. With rhymes that are so fun, fast and witty and music so catchy, it’s easy to get caught and sucked into the vacuum of his infectious flow- and want to stay there!

Mr 305 Inc’s SENsational SENsato is currently on his European We Ain’t Even Supposed To Be Here Tour. Here in London I had the chance to catch up with fabulous Del Patio.

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Without further a do, Ladies and Gentlemen…Sensato Del Patio

Welcome to London Sensato and thank you….

How has the tour been going so far?
It’s been really good. Seeing the fans from the other side of the world and to see the songs they like. To get to try and learn the languages hahaha! A great experience.

Do you have any rituals or routines in preparation for shows?
We get together as a team and do a quick run through of the show and based on the crowd I figure out what I’m going to sing.

Your music reaches different audiences- from those whose first language is Spanish, to those that speak a little, to those who speak none and are still able to enjoy your music. Did you ever anticipate that?
No I’m still surprised each time, especially when it’s the non-Dominican community. It’s crazy.

I love your lyrics they’re so fast, fun and witty – where does inspiration come from?
It comes from hip hop, Eminem and my rapping is just me…versatile

Musically who were your biggest influences growing up and the ones today?
Big Pun, Vico C and today it’s Pitbull, Lil’ Wayne and Jay Z.

How did you meet Pitbull and come to work together?
We met when I did Watagatapitusberry and he decided to do the remix and ever since he has been a mentor and has guided my career.

What is Pitbull like to work with?
Pitbull is a teacher and working with him is great because you learn a lot and he’s fun and humble. Always a good time.

You and Pit taught a lot of fans outside Santo Domingo and other parts of the world what Watagatapitusberry means..teach me another Dominican phrase!
Hahaha! There are a lot of phrases I could teach you but it’s better yet if you’re ever in DR you let me know and I’ll teach you there so you can put it to use!

I really love your overall dress sense, style and ‘senswagger!’ Particularly your bowler hat look – Do you have a collection? (Note: I have since fallen in love with his taste in shoes!)
Thank you. I don’t have a collection but I am working on one. I think what I wear just portrays who I am. I dress like this on or off the stage.

Do you have a stylist or put the look together yourself?
On a day to day basis it’s just me but for award shows I do have the help of a stylist.

Looking forward to the Bello video and seen images of the shoot of you taped up.  Can you tell us more about the video?
Bello is going to be a great video because we shot scenes in different parts – like New York and Europe.

A collaboration between you and Pit especially is always a treat for us – can we expect more songs together in the future?
Definitely. We’re always working on new stuff.

Have you done any sight seeing while you’re in London?
Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much besides the club and hotel but I’ll be back!

What’s next Sensato?
To keep working on new music, some great videos and collaborations! Stay tuned!!

Thank you Sensato, it’s been an absolute honour. Come back again! All the best for your future projects.


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