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Debris was found around the streets of Vauxhall today and as a result Sensato Del Patio was guilty as charged for blowing the roof of Area club in the early hours of this morning.

Mr 305 Inc sensation burst onto the stage opening with Booty Booty Booty and from that moment on I couldn’t stop shaking mine. Sensato along with El Tal Mickey worked and wowed the crowd who could not hide the delight on their faces as we got the full ‘Del Patio’ experience in London.

Papa Sensato drove the crowd wild with anthems such as Watagatapitusberry and Latinos in Paris, as well as Bello, Taxi, Tu No Lo Sabe, Aran Chin Chin and many more whilst sipping in between on what I can only guess was ‘Henny con cranberry..’

Sensato has his own unique style and flair not only lyrically but also fashion-wise and his signature ‘senswagger’ always surprises us with that new edition every time. As I moved right by the stage, my eyes went straight down to his shoes. As I pointed to them mouthing “I love your shoes!” Sensato was kind enough to stand still and pose during his performance so I could get a good look and photo of them.

Sensato was brought to London by DJ Urbano and Rumbon Dominicano. Earlier today, DJ Urbano (below) said “As a promoter, one of my goals was to bring a Dominican Urban artist to London for the very first time, and I’m very happy that I was able to reach that goal.

I’m happy I chose Sensato because of his music, he’s very talented and I’m glad I was the first to bring him to London, that is something I will also be proud of in terms of my career. He’s becoming more and more international due to his collaborations with Pitbull, Cata and all of the Mr 305 Inc family and I’m glad I was able to provide the Dominican community in London with a chance to see him live in concert. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this event and of course a huge thank you to the crowd. We made history!”

Sensato loves his fans and he’s not afraid to show it. At the meet and greet session, Sensato took the time to take photos and have a chat with fans. Elvis Joel Morla (below) who was at the event said of the Del Patio “ He was very humble with his fans, such a cool guy!”

Sensato’s fan base continues to grow and reach audiences from those who speak some to even no Spanish and able to relate to his music. Extremely talented, hard working, very humble and with a gorgeous warm smile. With great stage presence and even more mesmerising live, Pitbull’s protégé Sensato most definitely knows how to work the crowd, get them going and leave them hungry for more

Thank you DJ Urbano and Rumbon Dominicano for bringing to us such an incredible artist and thank you Sensato for an amazing performance and for coming to the UK. An absolute pleasure to meet you and Yvette. Come back soon, London misses you already.

Check out below for more photos and videos.

   ….well, it would just be rude not to take a ‘SENselfie’


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  1. Sounds like a great time!! I'm so excited you got to see him live! I look forward to seeing him for more than just a song or two. I have to tell you I was THRILLED when he came out on the stage when Pitbull performed at WinStar Casino back in'12 – just wanted him to sing more!


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