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There are no ‘off side’ whistles blown, red card or penalties issued for the official World Cup Song We Are One Video. It’s a beautiful hit video for ‘the beautiful game’

The video captures the flavour of the host country Brazil. From capoeira, samba dancers, the Cristo Redentor statue, to the kids having a kick about in the streets aspiring to be the next Pelé.

Being the official song of the World Cup, the video naturally features a lot of football shots of games in the past, as well as past heroes and legends to current day players from Rooney to Ronaldo. Mexican waves in the crowd and back on the street where some of other kid is kicking about a giant inflatable football around the beginning of the video and the poor kid is still making his way to somewhere kicking it through some concrete developed area by the end of it to.

Pitbull, JLO and Claudia Leitte get us all fired up on our feet to dance whatever we may be doing, as they perform on a platform at various stages. Surrounded by dancers, crowds and musicians playing classic samba instruments from tamborims to malacacheta and timba drums.

Mr Worldwide looking crisp as ever in a white suit also makes an appearance elsewhere in the video in a yellow shirt and blue blazer, acknowledging the colours of the host nation. Jenny- where did you get that aztec-like patterned skirt from(I want one!). Claudia, gorgeous in the palm tree design fitted dress.

On the outside I break out in goosebumps and on the inside filled up with pride – proud of Pit. Lil’Chico rapping freestyle in street battles in Miami with his cute corn rows to being under the brightest spotlight of the globe’s biggest platform this year. Congratulations Pitbull.

Watch the vibrant video and experience a great vibe oozing that feeling of unity and togetherness as you get caught in the spirit of Brazil and football

Flags up to the sky! Mr Worldwide unites the globe with his music and now binds us even tighter this year.

Dale EeeeYAW!

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