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WILD WILD LOVE VIDEO – Business As Usual !

The video for Wild Wild Wild Love by the new International playboy Pitbull with G.R.L is released today. Directed by David Rousseau, the video maverick has once again pulled ‘the rabbit out of the hat’ so to speak!

Pitbull has the Key To Miami and probably a set of keys to the Playboy Mansion where the video is predominantly set. It’s bunny hopping but not so mad. Any video set at Hugh Heff’s crib as many in the past, it’s half expected that it’s going to be fast ‘n’ filthy! Alas, this is certainly not the case, this is Pitbull and even though you get the ass, it’s still done with a lot more class.

Although you have Playboy bunnies and the G.R.L girls (couldn’t really be certified as a Pitbull video without women really could It now?), the video is really about business with the added fun element- what Pitbull is about.

The video begins with the question being posed to Mr Worldwide who is always wheelin’ and dealin’ as to whether he has a deal with the ladies and soon moves onto Pit in the iconic hallway of the Mansion with the staircase and Playmates on either side.

On it goes with business being conducted over the long table with laptops, clipboards, overhead projectors and Pitbull being impressed by figures presented to him. Business is about strategy and Pitbull is not one to get caught out by a check-mate move in a game of chess nor is Mr Worldwide one to be fazed or distracted by one of the ladies flirting and hair flicking beside him into being cornered into a deal. Pit invites the G.R.L ladies from the Playboy to the Vizcaya Mansion to show them how they do business in Miami where a deal is sealed with a kiss on the hand and Voli.

Pitbull looks fresh and very crisp in his suit and bow tie and the screen shots of Pitbull in the Vizcaya Mansion outdoors with the sun illuminating his face is a particular favourite of mine. Closely followed by the scene of Pit standing in the hallway of the Playboy Mansion between the staircase and Playmates and outside between the giant stone lion heads.

Ladies of G.R.L were also very stylish and classy, outfits and dance moves together smooth and sexy. G.R.L are definitely one to watch out for.

Modern day Hugh Heff er yes
Playboy to the death er yes
Pitbull been in suit around the globe
Wanted to see you in a Heff silk robe!

Dale EeeYAW!

Serina -Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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