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Put your drinks up ‘cos it’s goin’ down! We’ve had all the other remixes – bit of timba with Timber and steel drums with the Caribbean. Yet when a song teases us with a touch of Country then it’s only natural to take it all the way with a remix by an outstanding Country music artist. 

Something has been brewing in the Dirty Southaners camp for some time and today we see the release of a new remix of Pitbull’s global hit Timber by rising star Stephanie Heymann.

Stephanie Heymann gives us the REAL Country feel and experience with her unique flair, vocals, lyrics and overall style. Just as Pitbull has got everyone speaking Spanish without realising they can, Stephanie too will have us all clapping, two stepping and country dancing in no time with this refreshing and infectious remix.

As for the Dirty Southaners? They’re alot closer than you may think. The artist management agency is made up of a dynamic duo with none other than Omar Tavarez with Aaron Fishbein.

More to come from Stephanie Heymann and the Dirty Southaners, so keep your ears and paws perked up like a meercat an eyes as wide as barn owl. In the meantime get your Country fix by clicking on the links below to find out more about Stephanie Heymann and the Dirty Southaners.

Swing your partner – drop it low
Hold on tight here we go!
Get the real experience -get your Country fix
With this exceptional Timber remix!

Dale YeeHAW!!

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