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Stephanie Heymann took Timber to Country all the way with her fun, infectious and refreshing remix.
I had the opportunity to speak to the very talented and gorgeous Stephanie about her unique twist on Timber. Stephanie also talks more about her career, Dirty Southaners, being in the original Timber video as well as Pitbull. Read on for some more revealing and interesting facts all round.
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So nice to meet you Stephanie & Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me
I really enjoyed your Timber remix- how did that come about?
The original Timber song already had that Country feel! The video was actually shot in a Country and Western bar near my hometown. We wanted to add in a little extra southern flavour to mix it up a little bit.
What aspects did you enjoy the most about working on the remix? 
Working on the remix was so much fun! Especially since it already had the Country vibe going on. My team and I wrote the lyrics together and added a little more twang to the production.
The Jump Smokers also have a version of their own. It’s a high energy club mix! Very Miami. I love the fusion of all of the styles.
I think a video even a lyric would be great to sing-along to & get us fans more into the Country
swagger-is that a possibility?
There’s definitely a possibility for a lyric video.
Do you know what Pitbull said after he heard your remix?
I’m not exactly sure what he said! But I know that he liked it! I hope it made him proud.
Apart from the Timber remix you have already been in the Pitbull camp for some time before- tell me more…
Believe it or not I started with Pitbull on tour as a promotional model. It was such a fun job we had our own tour bus and worked two hours a day taking pictures with a Pitbull cut out and then we got to watch every show! I also performed as one of Pit’s dancers for Premio lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud and the New Year’s Eve show 2014 (Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve special). I got to know the team through this.  Omar Tavarez (Pitbull’s drummer and musical director) is the one that helped connect the dots when it came to beginning my music career they’re all so sweet and inspiring.

How long have you been writing Country music?
I’ve been writing my whole life! Mostly poetry. Writing music is pretty fresh on my hobby list but I really love it! It’s such a great form of expression and Country music is easy to write because of my lifestyle. We’ve also had the opportunity to write with some amazing Nashville Country writers such as
Phil Barton, James Slator, Preston Brust and Brian White.

Who are your influences in the Country music scene and why?
I’m very influenced by Country legends Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn. I’m a huge fan of outlaw Country. My influences from today are Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, and George Strait.

What would be your dream collaboration in & outside of Country?
It would be pretty cool to collaborate with Bruce Springsteen or maybe the Lynard Skynard if he was still here. I love classic and southern rock music.

You work with Dirty Southaners Aaron Fishbein and long before with Omar Tavarez already for some time- tell me how he discovered your talents?
Omar and I met on tour! I never would have thought that we would work together creating music back then. I have always admired his work ethic and though it would be cool to be a dancer, I never thought that I would have this opportunity! Omar heard me singing in a car on the way to run up to Runyon
Canyon with a couple friends in LA. I didn’t even know anyone could hear me singing along to the radio! We were both there for shows. (I was dancing for Flo Rida at the time).
You have an amazing and diverse career to date. What advice would you give any aspiring Country artists out there?
I would say just to be yourself! Don’t try so hard to fit in. People love it when they can sense that you are true to yourself! Even if it’s a little rebellious and against the grain.
Could you teach me something Country!
Oh! I can teach you all kind of line dances! Meet me at The Round up in Davie! One of my favourite things to do is line dance, two step, and west coast swing!
If you could remix or have been on another Pitbull song what would it be?
I love Pit’s music! It’s so fun to dance to…I can’t think of a particular song this moment in time as he has so many great ones – but who knows, maybe we’ll have an original song together one day!
You were actually in the original Timber video did you have a lot of fun?
The Timber video was a blast! I danced around with a huge boa! Kind of scary but still a great experience.


Thanks for treating us Pitbull fans to a REAL Country experience! I think yours & Pit’s voices really compliment each others!  Is a song together a possibility in the future?
Thank you! That’s nice to hear! No talk of that just yet! But it would be fun!
What’s next?
I’ll be releasing some original music and content very soon! Stay tuned!
Thank you again Stephanie & All the best for the future

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