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Pitbull’s Global Gift Humanitarian Award as 30th January is declaredPITBULL APPRECIATION DAY

It is with feelings of immense happiness and delight that we share every single recognition, achievement and award which Pitbull receives, however today is an extremely proud day for us Pitbull fans as Mr Worldwide is tonight going to be awarded the Global Gift Humanitarian Award at the Global Gifts Gala in Mexico. The award reflects Pitbull’s philanthropic and humanitarian contributions

The Global Gift Foundation is a non-profit making organisation with a mission to help the vulnerable where Pitbull is part of a group of Global Ambassadors who help to make a positive difference to the lives of children and women worldwide. urge you to read more about this wonderful foundation on:
Learning from the best teacher and icon, we’re always grateful, loyal and say thanks to Pitbull not only for the music, inspiration and being the kind man that shows his fans love and appreciation right back whether it be in the public forum or when meeting him personally,  but also for Mr Worldwide’s other work contributions such as The Global Gift Foundation. 

It was also last night that Pitbull’s strong army of fans began a secret mission for the next day to spread the word and declare the 30th January as Pitbull Apprecation Day by tagging #ThankYouPitbull to each post on Twitter.

We all know Pitbull has a heart of gold and Mr Worldwide wears this heart on his sleeve. Pit doesn’t scream and shout about it either, but that doesn’t stop us shouting it from the rooftops of just how proud we are of our Pit, our humble hero.
Congratulations Pitbull.
Dale EeeYAW!

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