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Te Quiero!

Pitbull and Belinda come together to let you know just how much they Te Quiero

Te Quiero ( I love you) is the fourth single featured on  Mexican pop princess Belinda’s album, Catarsis.  Produced by the gorgeous and multi-talented Mr305 Inc artist Vein, the track can be described as a smooth and sexy pop(py)-dance number that will have you fist pumping and punching the air in delight as you dance away. The first time I heard the song there were certain points at which I was expecting Pitbull to come in with the EeeeYAW but that didn’t happen until a lot later and I love that unpredictability! 

Pitbull and Belinda have collaborated before on another personal favourite Egoista and it’s always a pleasant, fun and fierce combination when the two get together on a song. Although the song was heard via YouTube last year, it’s definitely worth more visits and is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Ladies go grab that Coco Chanel if you know what I’m saying!

** She sings**  “VEEEEIN,  I lo lo lo lo lo love Te Quiero” 

Dale EeeYAW!


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