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‘Dem Miami Boyz’ are FREAKy and you know it!  I’m A Freak video, directed by Colin Tilley is finally here!
The scene is party central which is possibly at Enrique’s crib but it wouldn’t be a party without the Master of All Parties, Mr Don’t Stop The Party, Mr The Party Ain’t Over – Mr Worldwide himself! As Pitbull may well say “Let’s have some fun” and that is what this video is all about…the naughty kind of fun!
Full of scantily clad women (no surprise!) frolicking around in lingerie to swimwear, Pitbull most definitely gets the girls in their bras and thongs twerking like Miley! From being dressed in a giant teddy bear, to big belly flops and licking cream off navels in a mass feeding frenzy the video has all contexts of freakism.
Nowhere in the house is a party free zone not even in the bathroom where a tattooed guy is trying to find maybe a bit of quiet so he can make a phone call but is joined by a girl in her bikini and also wearing a few dollar bills!

Pitbull is like the Energizer Bunny and can go on and on but it seems Enrique may need a breather and gets one of his female companions to get on all fours so he can use her back and booty as a resting table ( yes have a little sniff and lick on the way too Enrique)
Both Pitbull and Enrique’s sense of good humour and fun shines through in the video along with their love of indulgence in sensual pleasures. I want to say exactly it how it is but can’t do that here so I will do my best to explain it another way. Did anyone else spot the flash illusion-shot of  what can carefully be described as a girl on girl speed-boating one kind of lips to another – funky camera work and direction!
Pitbull– loving the Navy and brown jacket combo
Wild, orgy, booze-a-thon, racy, sexy, fun, crazy – It’s all FREAKIN’’ going on- when’s the next  party fellas! By the way, Khloe Kardashian if you’ve lost Henry it looks like he’s at this party and made an appearance at the beginning of the video too!
Dale EeeeYAW!

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