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It’s all going down but is it all going on? Grab your harmonicas or just your partner and swing them round and round! The video to Timber has arrived.  Fans experienced a quadruple dose of Pitbull in a short timescale. Not only did we have Pitbull hosting the American Music Awards, a debut performance of Timber with Kesha on the show, we also had the premiere of the official Timber video straight after their performance on Facebook THEN the morning after we have the release of Pitbull’s newest album Meltdown. THAT is some seriously sexy in-your-face marketing. Genius. Pitbull and Timber have now fully invaded. A sign to the Country music world that Pitbull has now arrived there too.

When Kesha kicks off the video by swinging open the doors of the Longhorn Saloon, you know it’s going to be fun inside! Love it when we see Pitbull from behind (who doesn’t?) as he walks into the saloon and upon arrival does the little squat and right foot scraping thing in Country/Western style. Easily missed in the distance so keep your eyes peeled!

Hot cowgirl dancers in hats, boots, tight denim shorts and with ‘It’s going down’ across their black vests performed a flirtatious mix of Country line-dancing and possibly some kind of Texas two step as the jukebox labelled Timber blared out the hit. While Kesha and Pitbull do their thing somewhere inside and outside the bar at various locations. 

The Country and old West themed video sees a few other random combinations. Along with the cowgirls, horses, farm animals and saloons we also get ocean and sharks. 

There are endearing shots of Pitbull on a boat playing with sharks, however, Pitbull did not seem to be apprehensive. Must be the years of experience in dealing with such types in the business world! 

From water bombing to diving into the bottom of the ocean (to see if there’s any Voli on a sunken boat wreck?) to frolicking in and under the sea playfully. All of this in a wet suit but not of the conventional type, but in HIS suit.

Inside the saloon Pitbull pulls off the Country look accessorised in a cowboy hat. The Lil’Chico looks like he is having a lot of fun in his new head gear. Outside of the saloon where would we be without Pitbull back in a suit. Known for his striking suit colour combinations, today we have pink on pink then blue on white. Pitbull can wear a bin bag for all I care and still make ‘sexy’ work.

Of course a Pitbull video would not be a Pitbull video without Mr WW frolicking somewhere with at least one mamita and so he does, on a beach. (Cue flashbacks of Rain On Me video).

The answer to the question is yes. It is all going on. With Pitbull getting wet in his suit, messing around in the sea, diving, playing with sharks and not to mention the cowboy hat, it is refreshing to see Pitbull engaging in a different ‘style’ of activities in this particular video to the norm. A fun, upbeat, Country and Western themed video with other things going on around it. Look out for the stunning and talented Dirty Southaners Country music artist Stephanie Heymann at the back end of the video too!  One more shot of Voli, another round, end of the night it’s going down and as the harmonica continues to play in your head you’ll be tapping your feet in no time. Country dancing even if you didn’t know how to at the beginning of the video.

Just one question. Did the pig escape the farm to swim in the ocean?  


Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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