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When Pitbull commands us to “no pare la fiesta!” this in turn would of course mean that la fiesta no termina and therefore neither does la noche as Mr Worldwide dropped us another anthem closer to the festive period.

With the utmost respect and loyalty that I have for the Lil’Chico, it is only right that I speak the truth straight from the heart and to say yes, Noche No Termina is infact a little different and that this track is not good. Yes, you read correct. I too can appreciate good music, but I LOVE great music and great music is what Mr WW and his team of various producers create, each and every time. Noche No Termina is NOT good. It is great!  If ever a day exists that I come to write that I’m not fond of a Pitbull song, then I hope that day stays away forever ( may need years of therapy!)

Noche No Termina has a warm energy and vibe coming through the song. I can imagine belting it out into it into the early hours of a New Years Eve party. Singing and swaying away with your friends enjoying the feel good factor of the song. Ay que rica nota for sure!
We not only have the standard women and drinks but also President Obama and Sofia Vergara thrown into the lyrics with the President’s crib given a few mentions. Could it be ‘next step la Casa Blanca’ in more ways than one? Short steps as Pitbull mentions la Casa Blanca in more than one song, chums with Barak and engaging in the recent political rally I ask you “What is in PITBULL’S LONG VISION?” First Cuban-American President? Another political position? By the way, Whenever you do move in there Pit, you better make time to continue to give us the amazing music that you do. Your country needs you, the globe needs you and always remember-the world may be yours but YOU belong to US! 

Produced by Pitbull’s talented DJ Chino with Jorge Gomez (Agent who creates magic on the keyboards at Mr WW concerts!) No Termina made its debut on Fusion. A background in marketing and sales automatically throws me a step back to appreciate the outside, all around, over and under the box thinking. Leaving me in awe of his marketing team overall in all aspects from day one. More recently admiring the way Pitbull’s songs and videos make their debut on various strategic platforms away from the norm. Not only Noche No Termina via Fusion Entertainment, but also the Timber video which made its appearance on Pitbull’s Facebook page first and straight after his performance at the AMA’s AND with him hosting the show all night. Bam!

Noche No Termina is from Pitbull’s second Spanish album due out at some point next year. What a treat! But until then ‘Hoy bebida, la noche no termina’

Dale EeeyYAW-  Aay aay aay aay aay Ay….Aay aay aay aay aay Ay!

Serina -Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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