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It’s party O’Clock as Pitbull teams up with Kesha for a hot new track. Mr 'Don’t stop the party' 
collaborates with Miss 'Tik Tok on the clock but the party don’t stop' to bring us Timber.
The eagerly anticipated single from Pitbull’s up and coming eighth studio album had left fans 
practically gagging for more on social networks as Pitbull teased, and teased, and then some 
more with tweets of updates and other taster elements within the song before its release. 
Produced by Dr Luke, Cirkut and Sermstyle, Timber is infectious and will have your toes tapping 
in no time. A harmonica makes an introduction and plays throughout. It swiftly becomes very clear 
that we have some kind of 'movement' as Pitbull and Kesha go down the route of getting a little 
‘country’ on us! I'm not sure if anyone else had the same momentary confusion, but I couldn't work 
out whether I wanted to bust out some country moves with a bit of line dancing and clap away or 
pop a hip hop dance move along the way. In the end I just went with the flow. Like enjoying two 
new ice-cream flavour combinations I have not yet not tasted before. 
Pitbull is as always 'slicker than an oil slick' with his innuendo fuelled lyrics. Let's just say it’s a bit 
more than swinging your partner round and round just on the dance floor and talking about the 
usual wood in the purest context (don’t worry I will keep it clean!)
Pitbull and Kesha are an interesting and complimentary combination. Both love to party. Both seem
to have a great sense of humour and perhaps one more outwardly wilder than the other. Both have 
collaborated in the past with ‘Girls’ and ‘Crazy Kids.’
"It's.About.To.Go.Down" and in the words of Jay Z ‘Just give it to me’ as I can't get enough of 
listening to Timber today

Dale! EeeYaw! – or should I say YEEEHAW!

Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed


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