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Seize The Night!

A Pitbull and Honorebel collaboration is always something to look forward to. The duo also happen to be a personal favourite with previous hits such as Now You See It and I Wanna.
Seize The Night sweeps Pitbull into some seriously smooth reggae flava. Mr Worldwide has perhaps dipped his toe in the ocean of ‘island music’ and songs with artists such as Machel Montano and Sean Paul yet this is possibly the first time Pitbull has really ventured into the reggae vibe.
Co-produced by Swedish electronic mavericks Erick Rydmark and Sven Landholm, Seize The Night seizes your senses and just makes you want to dance. A delightful rhythm. If you live in London, it’s a nice warm up to the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival Bank Holiday Weekend.
Although having songs with legendary reggae artists, like Pitbull, Honorebel is also known to explore different genres and share the same vision of a varied approach to music. Dabbling in different sounds from reggae, techno pop to hip hop. Both have known each other since their days under the wing of Uncle Luke. The song is featured on Honorebel’s forthcoming album Honor Roll due out in October.
Honorebel “Want us to live for the moment and seize the night” and Pitbull has a motto of wanting us to “Feel This Moment” A perfect outlook, a perfect match.  With that said, “It’s not my fault” that I just can’t stop moving to this track. It’s Honorebel and Pitbull, I blame them! It’s smooth, sensual and sexy. A hot summer night track (with a ‘cool breeze!’) Addictive enough that having finally turned off the song, it still continues to play out in your head. I’m definitely ready for some more and to take it to the dance floor!


Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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