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PITBULL: A Message Through The Dr Pepper Commercial

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The new Dr Pepper commercial begins with images of a gorgeous little Pitbull. Images which are all so familiar even to us Pitbull fans with his mother, father and family. Accompanied by his song Outta Nowhere with Jamie Drastik and Danny Mercer, a voiceover by Pitbull goes on to point out that “Millions of people grow up in a family of immigrants but not everyone stops at nothing to reach their dream”, whilst showing the viewers another sequence of segments of his incredible journey. Starting as young puppy Pitbull, graduating to leader of the pack as the underdog of Miami to becoming the top dog of the world, we see images from his early days rapping, writing, even a trip to the barbershop and of course it would not be complete without a trip to his concert!
Watching the commercial I get a sense of an overwhelming emotion from the pit (no pun intended!) of my stomach, but in a good way. Being amongst his hardcore fans and supporting Pitbull, his music, watching his empire as it grows and continues to flourish from afar, I’m filled with nothing less than with happiness and pride like a proud parent would to see where he is now. It’s not the just the photographs of his life and achievements that are touching but also the impact of the lyrics of the song Outta Nowhere and how they reflect his life, thoughts and attitude.
Apart from what a quenching one of its kind drink Dr Pepper is, in the commercial lies a message. A clear message, example and PROOF to all those that grow up just like him as part of a family of immigrants that there is nothing stopping them from reaching their ambitions. It’s no secret that Pitbull had tough time growing up but he is everything his mama was, a ‘rider, survivor, a motherf******’ fighter’ and an inspiration to all those who are living similar backgrounds today. I stress and will say it again, that it’s also a clear message, example and proof yet again for anyone else. A message that dreams are for those that sleep. So WAKE UP and make them happen whoever you are. Pitbull educates and instils us with his core life skill values which I think could be said as Pitbull’s Three P’s of achieving your ambitions which we know he has applied throughout his life. These are Passion, Patience and Perseverance (Don’t forget the Pitbull OAA CODE: Observe, Absorb and Apply!).
Hustle relentlessly, get addicted to the hustle to make it happen until you can repeat Pitbull’s words and sing “..I hustle anything you name it (name it!)” Keep chasing your passion with perseverance and hang in there with patience knowing your hard work will pay off and make sure the devil knows you ain’t got no number and do it without selling your soul, but with honestly and integrity. To stop placing blocks in your path before even starting the journey or by looking over your shoulder at where you are starting and forget the ‘how’ and replace it ‘I believe’. To replace any fear with curiosity and chase down that dream like it’s the last bus home for the night! Any time you falter be reminded of Pitbull’s message: “ A dream is for those who sleep, I LIVE mine…I’m Pitbull and I’m one of a kind…Dale!” And once you’re well on your way, maybe after you can also sing ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ too and keep living the dream for real.
Pitbull you have always inspired me and I think it’s safe to say pretty much most of us fans. You have further encouraged me to keep on pushing hard for living the dream, to be seen and heard and to keep working hard and knocking on that door of opportunity.
Pitbull always says without his fans there would be no Pitbull. It could also be said that without Pitbull there would be no icon to offer genuine inspiration, encouragement and endless enjoyment brought into our hearts through his music not to mention the sore achey feet afterwards from all the dancing to it! Thanks Pitbull! From where Mr Worldwide started to conquering the music scene globally, Pitbull truly is one of a kind and if we all apply Pitbull’s advice then we too can enjoy the distinctive taste of sweet success by drinking a Dr Pepper on Miami Beach too! 
Dale! EEeeeYAW!
By Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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