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HOT DAMN! HERE WE GO AGAIN! Crank it up and let the beat take over and get moving to DJ Mesta and Robbie F’s Hot new remix of Pitbull, Sophia Del Carmen and Gabry Ponte’s Beat On My Drum. 

Going back for just a moment to the original song itself, my ears automatically tune in and break through the initial surface of the track to unravel some of the underlying beats, flow and momentum of Pitbull’s Calle Ocho which also makes it enjoyable and like Pit say’s, however, in a different context, you can “..have fun with two!” In contrast, this MegaBeatz remix grabs the song and steers it into a different direction altogether and sweeps you more towards the electronic dance music side.

It is a very smooth and sensual dance remix indeed, with added ‘Ibizaesque’ qualities. Sexy, fresh, electric and urging you to dance fiercely and with passion, a bit like the flamenco dancers in the video! The rhythm and sound of the synth leaves your mind following throughout with the anticipation of it coming back around to repeat the pattern. A personal favourite part of the track is at the beginning where there is a distinctive moment when everything gradually fades out and shuts down temporarily to make way for Sophia Del Carmen to sing a prolonged “Ven damelo ya!” Just before the beat kicks off again. 

Pitbull was not kidding when he warned us about a new wave of Italians coming when the Fiat commercial got underway! These two DJ’s in particular are making their way to the electronic dance front as MegaBeatz. One half of the remix
pioneers of this song is DJ Mesta, also known as Italy’s Finest. DJ, producer and a Best International DJ nominee, DJ Mesta whose name means ‘mix’ in ancient Latin is no stranger to remixing songs by Pitbull and has also had Prince Albert of Monaco dance away to one of his sets and if you fancy doing the same then all you need to do is drop me an email on 

Robbie F an innovative DJ and producer, is the other half of this duo repping Italy too and working his way through the dance, electro and house circuit. From starting his own band at the age of fifteen to recognising the dance music mania about to hit the country. Robbie F is renowned for this house sets whilst taking direction into the electronic dance music scene.

With this mix…You wanna drive me crazy, baby?..Please…I’ll just let
you Haha! Sube la la musica! LOUDER!

Based on the original, check out the remix video here:

Get your FREE download here:

Daleee! EeeeYaW!

By Serina

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