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As Featured on 14th February 2013


With Valentines Day upon us it only seems fit to talk about LOVE (Hold tight! Get back in the room I’m not about to go all soppy on you so stick around and ensure you sing along with the rap at the end too). There are many different kinds of love in this world but there is nothing quite like ‘Pitbull Love’. That is the love that Mr Worldwide is so warmly sent by his fans and not forgetting the love we receive back from the man. True love involves genuine expression from the bottom of your heart and not at the heart of your bottom. The emphasis here is on expression, the expression of how fans express their love for Mr World Wide, how they have or have not evolved with him during his career and the different ways in which this love for Pitbull is channelled. 
But first, in order to understand the future as the great man sings, we need to go back in time. Pitbull is someone his fans can have a heated debate about in the same manner as sitting in a barber shop or beauty salon and discuss or argue about his evolution forever or until the cows come home! It’s endless…Those that have followed him from day one either debate that his style, genre and lyrics are no longer as they used to be. Yet like myself from this era, whilst you may reminisce on the old music he produced and his overall style, I also do not think that he or his music has in anyway deteriorated or ‘sold out’. I like to see it as ‘growing’. Pitbull has moved with peoples tastes worldwide and not limited himself to what people in just one country/county/region predominantly listen to and cater for that area or particular market and rock the same sound and swagger as Tom, Dick and Harry! Throughout all of this he has still managed to maintain that high standard of music, coming at us with relentlessly and just as importantly opened the eyes and ears of fans and other people along the way! I along with many others I am sure, am proof that it is possible for his strongest, life long supporters to appreciate old and wholeheartedly welcome the new because we truly understand his emerging style and his appreciation of music, lyrics and a genre-less approach and have been captured and captivated by the whole package and above all are still enjoying the experience and music along the journey. 
Mr 305, Mr Worldwide, yes, but 
I think Pitbull should have another alias as Spider Man because he jumps from country to country and in tow has also created his own World Wide Web where each thread connects fans to each other all over the world and unites people through the love of his music. On this day of love let’s first talk about some of the women in his life and one absolutely awesome connection of ladies caught in this connecting web. The  #PitbullGirls! When I found out about the #PitbullGirls on Twitter I thought they were a group of ladies who simply loved Mr Worldwide. End of story.  Absolutely not! There is so much more to #PitbullGirls than meets the eye. Founded and created by the original  #PitbullGirl @Dulcyj,  #PitbullGirls are defined by one of their earliest members @Angikay12 as “ a diverse group of women from all walks of life who share the same thing in common – the never ending love for Pitbull.”  #PitbullGirls are so involved and united in the support of Pitbull that not only do they directly talk to each other daily over social networks with other fellow #PitbullGirls which they have never met or known personally before from different corners of the world but having done that they then arrange to meet up to go to his concerts together.  #PitbullGirls travel as far as from Greece, USA to go to a concert together in Toronto with his Canadian #PitbullGirls. And from NY, Pennsylvania and Ohio to Cleveland last year. Wow, that is Pitbull Love! Go look them up and join up!  #PitbullGirls have grown globally and have been going strong since. The last count was reported as over thirty five countries and still growing. Even Vietnam has the very first #PitbullGuy! Their support has also not gone unnoticed by Mr Worldwide either as he follows the lovely ladies! How about giving the  #PitbullGirls a shout out on a song or on stage as that would really make their day! 
There are fans who, as well as being #PitbullGirls also channel their love for Pitbull through pictures and are inspired by creating images for the lyrical guru which also include images of himself amongst other drawings. One amazing story to the lengths fans will go to reach Pitbull is that of Carla Ivey (@Carlaivey) who travelled over 2000 miles from Newfoundland in Canada to Chicago. It was no easy journey and with a combination of long flight delays, cancellations and thunderstorms and almost twenty four hours of travelling, there was NO stopping a the determination and will of Carla to get to meet Mr World Wide and present him with a drawing she had done for him and make it just in time for his concert too! Pitbull has inspired Carla’s life in many ways and even her art and has also created incredible images of Pitbull with her own unique flair and style capturing every little detail from his piercing eyes to the cute shape of his ears!
You would have to be asleep for the last fourteen years or so to be unaware that Pitbull has his own flair, style and approach to play on words and this too has not gone unnoticed, as there is also Pitbull Lyrics on Twitter @pitbulllyrics. Dedicated to his rhymes and getting followers involved and interactive by stirring up their Pitbull lyrical knowledge and emotions along with it. I certainly have fun playing along!
It’s also no secret that there are countless amount of fans that are uplifted, inspired and guided by Pitbull. Not only by his music alone but also the messages within the lyrics and knowledge of Mr Worldwide’s more troubled times in life and words of wisdom and encouragement that gives comfort to those going through their own struggles, offering empowerment to smash through barriers to achieve goals or simply give them the lift they need, myself included. A collection of stories of how Pitbull has inspired and helped fans in a way which is relevant to them is in a book compiled together by fans @TeamPitbullUK 
There are also other numerous Pitbull Fan Pages set up on Face Book by fans all over the world such as Pitbull Fans Unleashed(mine), Armando Perez Fans, Mr Worldwide, TeamPitbull for UK and World Wide Fans for the Rapper Pitbull, Pitbull (International Fan page). Twitter is also covered such as @planetpitfans to name a few. Creators of these are so invested in maintaining these sites it really is a heartfelt activity to see how much love, time and energy is put into these sites. I want to cover all of them but there’s not enough space in the world to list them all out!
Pitbull’s birthday last month saw many birthday greetings, tributes, images¸ a rap! All pouring in to wish our lovely man a very happy birthday from all over the world through every social network you can think of and on where his fans all come home to at the end of the day that is here on his planet, Planet Pit his official fan page. Planet Pit also featured two birthday video tributes by friends, fans, official Team Pitbull and Mr305 Artists as well another tribute creatively executed by Key Perez (@Kemilycorreia) and Lari 305 (@_larissahelena) which featured many other fans around the world too. Please see Planet Pit for full list of participants! 
We all know that Pitbull nor his music discriminates. No one is immune from the Pitbull Effect from the baby that calls every bald man Pitbull, Granny Bitala to the President of the United States!  And everyone loves him and some even want to be him (Facebook: Will the real Pitbull please stand up?) 
As for me? I do this, Pitbull has ignited the passion of writing in me and offering a release of being able to write my heart out about the man and his music I so love and enjoy so much and have also been inspired into writing some cheeky female Pitbull versions of his songs like Hotel Room and tribute raps and poems spreading across the last 8 years or so.  
His talents and vision are not only thing that fans are attracted to. DJ Buddha whose productions, remixes and presence will always hold a special place in Pitbull’s music and history in my heart had once said of Pitbull “He has a heart and he’s not afraid to show you his heart, It is genuine” And his fans are no exception. We have been touched by Pitbull and to an extent seen some of his heart and genuine love, appreciation and acknowledgement of his fans. Pit doesn’t have to tell us he loves us, because he SHOWS us and that’s what counts and as we also convey messages of love to Mr Worldwide so daily, EVERYDAY is Valentines Day for Mr Worldwide fans. I challenge any sceptics to tell me what’s not to love. Just look at that smouldering picture! On that note, let’s sing it for Pitbull!
You know we love you (love you), we know you love us  (love us) 
You know we love you (love you), we know you love us  (love us) 
Haha 1-2-3-4 
Roses are red ‘n’ violets are blue
Keep doin’ whatcha do 
os ya know we love you What? Just over 8 million followers Pit’s got on Twitter 
To all ya haters- Please don’t be bitter! 
Ain’t no fans like Pitbull fans Manos pa’ arriba! Put up yo hands! 
Fan pages all over world galore, 
Let’s hear it for PLANET PIT rippin’ up the floor! 
Pitbull fever goin’ viral creatin’ more than a fuss 
The world may be yours, but you belong to US! 
Free stylin’ as this I write 
But you know what I’m tryin’ to say, right? 
No amount of words could express how much we love you 
But I think you may just have a clue 
So please allow us to send you love, abrazos y besitos and take you out to Voli ‘n’ dine, 
Mr Worldwide … Wishin’ you a very Happy Valentines!  
With lots of love,  
Serina  – Pitbull Fan Unleashed! 

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