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As featured on 15th January 2013 (CopyRights Held:RPatel)

Churnin’ out hit after hit
A super hit factory that’s our Pit
Not a fake after one hit fractured!
Artist with REAL talent not manufactured
Dissected his destiny with a fine knife
From negative to positive he turned his life
Place of origin the County of Dade
‘Limited Edition’ just the one made!
Just like Einstein he created his math
Something special that ‘gels’ with those who cross his path
On and off a plane got the United Nations locked down
Bet he’s had a concert in your nearest town!
Jumpin’ across ponds, oceans, port-to-port
Pit would win gold if touring was an Olympic sport! 
Envisioned what to us is local
Acted on a bigger scale that’s global
Mr World Wide see how everyone now knows his name
Took it over, owned it and changed the game!
Took control and made the decision
Took the path “ Short steps, long vision”
Pit grabbed the industry then shook it up
Way back when, when he was just a Lil’ pup
Underdog of Miami to top dog of the world
Threw ’em the Pit vibe and shocked ’em as it hurled
Bite to lock, too stupid to loose
Our fave rappin’ Pitbull coated in tattoos
Can’t stop, won’t stop! 305 upgraded to World Wide
Hold tight, 2013 is gonna to be an even faster ride!
Seven Albums on no tears, no Kleenex, drop the tissue
Made it now, Money Is No Longer A Major Issue
Patience, passion, perseverance – eye always on the ball
He came, he rapped, he sang, he conquered it all!
A lyrical genius, Jose Marti would have a lot to answer for
Listen not just hear his rhymes, break it down to the core
Pay attention and step into the Pit-Thought-Train
Play on words to tease and tantalise your brain
Workin’ hard and never hardly workin’
Always on the grind, ain’t no room for shirkin’
A businessman whose head ain’t buried in the sand
Pit now has the globe eating outta  the palm of his hand
Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh – Pitbull? Retire?
No my friend Pit has his eye on his golden empire
A guy with sticky fingers with his hands in so many pies
An entrepreneur, look out Richard Branson, taken by surprise?
Positively guilty there’s one thing you can incriminate
Whatever age or race, Pitbull doesn’t discriminate
Wherever you are Mr World Wide surely relates
From Granny Bitala to the President of the United States!
Pitbull’s special brand of magic touches you whoever you are
Ringo? No Pit I think you’re the Starr!
Man-beauty and a lot of class to go with those brains
Invests wisely and not in the usual bling ‘n’ chains!
Sexy, smart, stylish just look at that smile, look at those eyes!
Put you under a spell, hypnotize!
Naturally humble, kind, charming and charismatic
Can’t buy or plan those Five Star qualities it ain’t ‘Systematic’
Inimitable, matchless and comes with his own USP
There’s no one like him nor will there ever be
Always raising the bar and going the extra yard
Pitbull? Priceless…for everything else there’s MasterCard!
Collecting supporters all over the world – ain’t no one immune!
Like the Pied Piper we all follow and dance to his tune
To his fans, Pitbull presents more invaluable gifts
Blessed to have an icon that inspires, guides, motivates and uplifts
Demonstrates how if you observe, absorb and apply
You too can reach your dreams of your just try
A teacher to all around him with messages so wise
Love and light our angel in disguise
Beaming out an energetic feeling off the charts
Thanks Pit for putting a smile on our faces and a glow in our hearts
I tell ya Pit, I ain’t the famous sis of Jamie-Lynn
And if I could I’d sing it to you like Marilyn
Saluting you with a big smile and sending a lotta love from inside,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mr World Wide !
Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed! (C)

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