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As featured on 24th September 2012

Does Pitbull need to dress in top fashion house or couture labels? Not necessarily, that is NOT to say that he does not or should not. I would not know, as I am not his personal stylist. My point is that it is not the label he wears that makes the man, whatever the label or price may be.  It is how he wears it and carries it off is what really matters and our Pitbull surely carries it off very well indeed!
From tracksuits, long Cuban flag T-Shirts (now let me hear you scream CULO! Just like in the video), the baggy jean and vest look to the here now to what reflects the external and internal strategy behind ‘Brand Pitbull’. Although we know him as the talented Mr 305-World Wide, Pitbull is also an established businessman and real businessmen wear business suits!
If you look at his style from the beginning you can certainly see how Pitbull has ‘re-branded’ himself into achieving a signature look, or what I like to think of as the FOUR S’s of the PITBULL LOOK. That is STYLISH, SEXY, SUIT and of course SHADES thrown on (Now quickly picture those piercing eyes peeping above the shades with his left eyebrow arched up as if to say “Lookin’ at me, baby!?” YES WE ARE and you know it!). Leaving enough room to accessorise his look with a crisp tie, cheeky smile and a few lovely ladies dangling off either side of his forearms.
I think it is safe to say that our Pit is not on the radar of the fashion police and that less is most definitely more! The Pitbull look does not come across as too structured, look like he has to try too hard or even try at all in fact. And THAT my fellow fans, is the sheer beauty of it. Pitbull is quite simply effortlessly stylish.
As we are all aware, Pitbull has many tattoos. In ‘text book’ sense, I ask can you imagine a guy covered in tattoos and being dressed smartly in suits as being a compatible combination or one that actually works in harmony image wise? On a normal basis I am not so sure it would, however, in this case it only adds to Mr World Wides appeal and without sending out contradictory mixed messages about his trademark image.
In a day and age where it is not uncommon to see rappers who have enough bling in their collection to make Mr T think that he has competition, jeans that are clinging on to dear life to stay put on butt cheeks because they are four sizes too big and walk around with a crazy fake limp, Pitbull is a breathe of fresh air and sets an example for sure.  ‘Stand out, do not blend in’ – that is my motto.  Do not follow the crowd in the industry and be blended in like the rest of the herd or else what is the point? Talking of points, there is none now in anyone trying to follow his style as our trendsetter is the real McCoy.  Inimitable, matchless and if you can get onto GQ then also a style icon in his field.
Unpredictable and surprising as his music just when you thought you had Mr World Wides style sussed Pit hits us with tracksuits and images of his old style. Giving some of us, myself included, a chance to reminisce the early days of the Pitbull style and swagger. But the tracksuit look still works today and you are given a glimpse of a more relaxed Pitbull in a snap taken whilst rehearsing for a show, claiming that the tracksuit is ‘making a comeback’.  Well Pit, let me tell you, you can wear a black plastic bag or a fancy dress giant banana costume and I’m sure you could still work the look (maybe stick the shades on top to help!). Why?  Because style is something that comes from within and works its way through to ooze out to the surface.   TRUE style is something you either have or you do not, and Pit you got it for sure.
 Not only naturally stylish but also versatile. Did you see the Pass At Me video with the nautical theme? Even the suit has been adapted to dress for the occasion.  Although Pit in a suit does it for me, I have two other personal non-tailored favourites. The first is an image of him in a few top open buttoned shirt when he is caught off guard, by his laptop looking up and away with a beaming smile, even his eyes were smiling. The second is in the ‘Now You See it Now You Don’t video featured on the Honorebel track with the shades and the furry collar on the leather bomber jacket. I want to know what is YOUR favourite Pitbull image, tailored and non-tailored look?
Coming from a marketing and sales background, you cannot stop your mind from wandering into thoughts along those lines and thought patterns are amplified when you are genuinely passionate about, understand and whole heartedly believe in the talent and possibilities of someone. ‘Image-wise’ this is what I am thinking out aloud. If Kate the Royal Duchess of Cambridge of England is cool enough to wear high street brands then it is good enough for our guy! I am thinking even though Pit may be all Cuban dash American and vice versa, his suits and style kind of makes him partially an honorary European and he would make a great ambassador for certain brands (Wake up! Are you watching Mango, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Tom Ford or going up the scale, head of suit people in Boss, Armani and D&G? ) And how great would he look on their billboards as you are driving past, recreating the Eva Herzigova effect with the Wonder Bra adverts. Then again better keep us women off the road in case it is too distracting and causes accidents! Maybe something safer such as a range of ties, tie-pins, cuff-links (Swarovski?), belts, watches. Step into my mind and see through my eyes, the visions are relentless and the untapped opportunities endless.  Pit, I have to say although we would like to see some more of those lovely eyes you keep hidden, we cannot deny that shades look great on you (umm…Ray Ban what are you waiting for?). Mistakenly, a lot of people still think it is just ladies that are into the whole grooming thing but keeping that mini goatee/beard trimmed and taking care of your skin whilst always on the go must also take a lot of hard work (Wilkinson Sword, Nivea and L’Oreal are you listening? Gillette, SK-II, Olay for men?  I say Procter take a Gamble and get involved).  A man has to smell good too so add a splash of his own or special edition fragrance (Boss, D&G, Davidoff scents are as ‘refreshing’ as Mr World Wides image or maybe even Victoria’s Secret ‘So Sexy’ for men. (I bet he would love being around those Angels, again think image! And that name ‘So Sexy’ sums up our Pit down to a tee!).
On a different note, remember that song ‘Yo! That’s a lot of body’ by Ready For The World, well I’ve been singing an adapted version of it in my head while I have been typing this, want to hear it? No? Tough, I’m going to sing it on my way out anyway. Brace yourself! ”Yo that’s a lotta style, lotta style, lotta style..STTT­­­YYYLE!….Somebody give the guy a FASHION AWARD!”  
Daaaale!! EEEYAAAW!
Serina _ Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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