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 As featured on on 18th September 2012

Hot damn here we go again! Pitbull has dropped another great track featuring TJR commanding that you Don’t Stop The Party!
Whilst everything else in me stood still as I attentively listened to the track for the very first time, my shoulders broke free and started doing their own thing dancing up and down, enjoying the piano as the first chorus kicked in. Not realising what was happening, as I was too busy getting into the zone. Imagining my friends and I still dancing away in the club and being the only people left on the dance floor . Possibly the only few left in the club itself when all the bright lights come back on to blind you at the end of the night. The DJ is about to stop and the security is trying to get us to leave because the night is over. Sound familiar? You don’t want the party to end so why let it? “Que no pare la fiesta!” So let’s move it on to a house party! Cue Pitbull with Don’t Stop The Party playing in the background, everyone dancing away, drinks flowing, a constant stream of partygoers entering the premises where time is of no essence. Who is that we see on the couch surrounded by swarms of girls and guys all trying to squeeze in with him, both arms in the air, his left hand swaying half a bottle of Voli? Pitbull of course! No official video yet but that’s the one which has made its way into my head! I think it would make a great new theme for a new Voli Spirits TV Ad though, especially since the song is also appropriately mixed in with TJR’s Funky Vodka!
It’s a song that can pretty much relate to anyone no matter what kind of music you’re into. I imagine it’s a track where when it is played, people who don’t even know each other in a room or club are no strangers. Where any anonymity has disappeared because they all share the same desire just to keep the party and feel good vibe going and sing the chorus out loud together. Don’t stop the party. The message is as simple and effective as that and sung by all with conviction.
It would be foolish to try and guess what the next new Pitbull song would sound like and this one too continues to deliver with Pit mixing a little old, now and new. With this blend of  Funky Vodka by TJR which in turn includes samples of the Toots and The Maytals song Funky Kingston from the early 1970’s, Pitbull manages to find the funk in all of us we never knew we had. And just when you thought you had the flow of the song worked out Pit and TJR drop in that little bit extra and let you  ‘Get Funky’ even more and break out in James Brown fashion!
It doesn’t have a harsh, aggressive and thumping beat, which is typically what you would expect as other songs which have historically been titled and themed around keeping the party alive. Instead it works a different kind of magic, Pitbull Magic, which makes you want to just get up, grab a drink in your hand and just move.
I can’t get enough of it and am almost drunk on the song but it will still never be enough, so let’s just have one big global party! Remember DON’T be a party pooper, DON’T Stop The Party and DON’T forget to check out the brand new track. Finally, in case you didn’t hear the first time round  “I said y’all having a good time out there?”

Dale EeeyaW!
SeRina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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