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As featured on 6th August 2012

The eagerly anticipated brand new video of Pitbull’s Get It Started with the gorgeous Shakira has arrived! As I sit back and fan myself to cool down, let me now begin with an unprofessional but very appropriate “Whoooooooo!!”.  The dog is on fire, off the chain and most definitely unleashed!
The alluring video shows a heroic and perhaps an even softer side to our Pitbull playing out a little story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin…Once upon a time a beautiful lady appears to be trapped in a relationship with her possessive partner. The lady then tries to escape and fails. Elsewhere in what looks like a hotel room is Pitbull pouring out some Voli as he contemplates on how to execute his rescue mission to free this young lady, whilst watching the goings on over his surveillance cameras in the background and taking a few shots on his zoom lens camera at other times. The damsel in distress in eventually rescued by our hero with a few crazy car chases thrown in. It then momentarily goes from PG to Certificate 16 and as Ali G might say, it’s Pitbull ‘Sexy Time’! 
Ladies, if you’re reading the latest steamy novel you may want to put your book down and FORGET about Mr Grey! It’s all about Fifty Shades of Pitbull in a flicker of under fifty seconds. It’s one of his sexiest videos and if it’s a taste of things to come, I say  “Yes please!
We are accustomed to seeing the Lil’ Chico having women either frolicking around him or simply hanging off his arms, or as Pit would put it “I got a girl to my right, I got a girl to my left and one in the middle….” and not draped ACROSS him and very up close and personal until today when he ‘gets it started’ and unites us all over the world watching it by getting something inside us all a little started too! Talk about ‘Global Warming’, which is exactly where this fantastic new track will make an appearance on.
The video features lucky leading lady and British model Pascal Craymer wearing next to nothing shall we say, semi-entwined with Pitbull with him going in for what he teases us as a near enough kiss at one point and in another with Mr World Wide gently gliding his palm upwards from her calves to her thighs over the skimpy suspenders clinging to her legs.   “This is Eyes Wide Shut, times ten – so baby don’t blink!” or you may just miss something in the clever camera shots fading in and out. STOP! Do you hear that? A sound of a million hearts breaking upon seeing that image with lingering echoes of the green eyed girl-monsters roaring as each heart smashes to pieces!
Shakira is overlooking the story as it is played out, singing, sounding and looking sizzling hot as always in a gorgeous distinctive golden dress.
The whole package, the song, the lyrics, the video gives me goose bumps each time I watch and listen to it. It just ‘feels right!  and has a calming, humble, feel good factor attached to it. You can actually ‘feel’ the song in a different way this time.
Directed by David Russo, the video was filmed around Madrid with shots also in Barcelona, giving it the European touch, much like his stylish suits. Not one to stick to the same old tried and trusted thing, you can see how Pitbull has embraced a different direction for the video and its theme.  Sony Music is reported to have claimed it as “an authentic hymn of the dance floors” and I have now added it to his vast catalogue of anthems on my iPod!
Try not to get too distracted by all the hot scenes and listen a little closer and you can not only hear, but also somehow feel what Pitbull is saying and cant help but get involved in the lyrics when he talks about how he became something from nothing and became what they thought hed never become
The video and lyrics actually made me realise even more so just how much he has grown and achieved with all the different styles and themes to date. Lyrics have evolved and I have a niggling voice in my head that says there is more than the verse meets the ear with a message. Almost as if to say ” I’ve been through difficult times but I’ve made it now and even though there is still so much more that I want to achieve, I’m ready because it feels right, I’m ready for the next step.I’m ready for YOU. Let’s not waste any more time” Maybe I’m just too into the song. I did say you can FEEL the song and perhaps get a little carried away with the story. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you watch it. Watch it again, purchase the song, own it and enjoy it over and over again!
Oh I didn’t finish the story…so we are in the middle of the car chase and then hit the dashboard and BANG! We are at Pitbulls concert and they all live happily ever after!
Dale EeeeYAW!

Serina  Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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