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As featured on Planetpit on 18th July 2012
No way!? Pitbull is off to Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska!
June saw Walmart announce a competition in conjunction with Pitbull and Energy Sheets where by whichever Walmart store gets the most  ‘likes’ on FaceBook will be treated with a visit from Pitbull. For those that did not some how hear, the promotion was used as vehicle by David Thorpe and John Henson of Something Awful, to egg on those that were not fond of Pitbull to vote for a Walmart which is pretty much isolated and remote and pack the rapper off far away as possible by pushing people to support their cause with their #ExilePitbull campaign on Twitter.  This far-flung store would be in Kodiak, Alaska.  Hitting back we had #KeepPitbull305 campaign, which unfortunately was not enough to save our Pitbull and keep him closer to us.  Kodiak has the most votes.
BUT!  LET’S LOOK AT IT THIS WAY, even though we could not stop Pitbull being shipped off to Alaska, ‘Something Awful’ may not have really happened at all (bad joke, yes I know). They say any publicity is good publicity. Little did the pranksters realise this and if anything they have actually helped and brought the campaign even more so under the spotlight in some respects and the reaction of Pitbull was also in somewhat jest when he tweeted  “I hear there’s bear repellent at Kodiak, Alaska” And again in another one, this time directed to David Thorpe “ U should come with me to Kodiak since u are so invested in me going there bro…ur welcome 2”   HA!  I am guessing it is not the reaction they were probably hoping for?
The term exile has been used in their campaign. Exile!? …Na, would Pitbull really see it as that?  Amongst other things I am guessing more like yea bring it on, excitement and doors of opportunity and Oh yes he IS Mr World Wide and by going to far flung remote places on earth, doesn’t this fact and the exile Pitbull campaign actually help to strengthen his whole brand and image I ask? If the campaign was meant to be deadly serious and intended with elements of malice then it looks like the whole thing has back fired and all in the favour of Pitbull. Whichever way you look at it, he had the last laugh, and as lyrics go, please “Let me take a moment to thank these haters, thank you!”
Still I guess Pitbull is taking it all in his stride and possibly having a secret little giggle inside about the whole thing and has at one point also said: “Wherever the fans want to have a party, I will be there” .Do these people not know that you ‘Can’t tell Pitbull the sky’s the limit when there’s footprints on the moon?’ What makes you think Alaska is going to be an issue? Huh?
Other reports approached the campaign from a different angle and claiming it as being ‘new lows for Pitbull’ to be promoting himself through a supermarket. How wrong could they be. Is it so wrong to be supporting everyday local businesses? Anyway, I am not going to waste a big paragraph on them, back to the story!
The Walmart in question is actually situated on the island of Kodiak. It appears that the only way it can be reached is by means of a ferry or a plane and with a population of 13,572 people the last time they counted, which is still a lot less than the amount of ‘Likes’ it had got on its page -last time I checked it was 71K. However, I also checked out Kodiak on the net and it actually looks quite beautiful and scenic from the photographs that I could see, so hopefully it is not all bad. You never know, perhaps that is one market he will soon capture and the next time you browse through Pitbull’s concert tour dates on Planet Pit you may well see Kodiak or even see a photo of him promoting it as a ‘chill out’ holiday destination on its tourism website? Ok maybe the last bit is going a bit too far, no pun intended…then again…? Hence, we possibly have another winner in the game and that is Kodiak for all the indirect advertising and publicity it has received throughout this campaign (ride with it!)
On that note I shout, hoping he can hear me!  “AAY YO PIT! The game is yours and despite the outcome you turned this one right round,   You won whichever way you look at it.  Well played!  Heat it up, break the ice and show ‘em some of your brand of ‘Global Warming’. Show ‘em why they call you Mr WorldWide’ and go WOW Alaska! Don’t forget to pack your Thermals too! We love you and are very proud of you. Remember to take some Energy Sheets just in case you do have to wrestle a few bears on the way, and perhaps invest in some bear repellent.  We want you back safe and sound, honey!”
 ‘SO where do we go from here’ my fellow Pitbull fans? Fear not and see it as a positive and watch Pitbull show he really is world wide and world wise and able to reach and touch the hearts of those in the most distant places on earth and graciously accept which ever branch wins where ever it may be. He won at the end of the day for the reasons mentioned above. I think our Pitbull would be pretty chilled about it and can heat up the frostiest of welcomes and warm the hardest of hearts wherever he may be…and by looking at some of the photos it looks like the store and staff are welcoming and will look after our man I hope. I wonder if Thorpe will join him?? Now picture that with a Kodiak, oops I meant Kodak!
Dale Eeeeyaw!!!
By Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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