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As featured on 7th March 2013

Pitbull has a heart of gold worth more than his bodyweight, mine, yours and the rest of his worldwide fans combined together a trillion times over! And that’s all I can say. I think that says it all really so I guess that’s the end of this article then, see you next time folks. I’m just kidding!
As most of us already know, a few weeks ago fellow great Pitbull fan Lani Lopez was diagnosed with a critical condition of the inflammation of the heart called Miocarditis. Amazing as friends and families go, those close to Lani wasted no time in trying to cheer Lani up by reaching out to Pitbull with the #Pitbullforlani campaign in the hope that he would call her and lift her spirits. The request went viral around the world with everyone trying to help make it happen.
On Twitter too, it was all go. With all of us tweeting/retweeting to Mr World Wide requesting that he reaches out to one of his biggest supporters. Whether we all know Lani personally or not. Lani touched all of us too in ‘FanForce-Pitbull.’ Thankfully it seems the requests sent by all in whichever network or format didn’t go unheard. We all know that no matter how busy Pitbull is, his right eye is on music & business and his left eye on what else is going on in the world and around him with his ear also closely to the ground and on the 24th February, Lani got sent a message from Mr World Wide on Youtube (I’m sure you have already seen it!). Friends and family of Lani also did their own REALLY cool thank you video dedicated to Mr World Wide whilst dancing away to Echa Pa’lla.
Watching the Pitbull video even I was getting choked up by his message. That’s the second time you made my eyes really well up Pitbull…the first time was whilst watching Behind The Scenes! Pitbull was strong and encouraging and you could not only see that he REALLY meant the heartfelt moving message, but you could FEEL it too in his words, emotions, voice and see it in his eyes (you guys felt it too right?)
Talking of eyes, if you keep your eyes and ears open there is so much more that Pitbull does, in terms of giving back to the community and good deeds. Mr World Wide is our unsung hero. He may not sing and dance about it but I certainly will at this moment! As the lyrics of Global Warming pop instantly into my head as I am writing this, when Pitbull sings “No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram..I do it for the paper- I’m a businessman” We know that what he is talking about here is the entrepreneurial side of Pitbull. But this? This is not business. This is because Pitbull genuinely cares and does love his fans and the consistency of his actions and conduct towards us on a normal basis speaks for itself alone. What is it that our man says? Oh yes, “Don’t talk about it, be about it” and that phrase can apply to all aspects, not only business but also towards ‘being’ that compassionate and considerate individual all the time.
No matter how busy our guy is he can still find time to reach out and send get well wishes and words of encouragement and support from the bottom of his heart to Lani. I extend thanks to ‘Mommy Pitbull’ for giving us fans a strong, driven man that won’t allow anyone to knock down his ‘castle made of sand’ and encourage his fans to strive also for the best in life and fight for not only your dreams but also fight for whatever battles you face in life. Thank you for giving us the gentleman who is kind and compassionate and so very beautiful in every aspect on the inside and outside and not afraid to show it.
Pitbull thank you for being the caring and thoughtful person that you are for reaching out to your fan in her time of need. And while your arms are still open in the image above I’m just going to take the opportunity and quickly run in and give you a big hug too!  Lani, you have some truely amazing family and friends. Sending you love and best wishes to keep getting better and stronger so you can go and have that drink with Pitbull !!!
YeeeOOW!  Dale!

Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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