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As featured on 25th February 2013

  ***********************   DISCLAIMER   **********************
The following are personal opinions, the last time I checked freedom of speech was still allowed. Should anyone go after the artist Pitbull or any party related as a result of the below, I will be the first ‘pitbull’ with my teeth out growling at you standing in front of him along with many others beside me! 

Congratulations to Pitbull and of course his legal team that won the lawsuit thrown at him by (whoops, am I allowed to say?) Lindsay Lohan. Well, we all know a tux is one of the better types of suits that suit our guy! In a part of the world where you can probably file a lawsuit against someone for just farting in your direction, I’m not surprised that this case wasn’t laughed off as soon as it was filed. So I guess we will just have to have a little fun and entertain it for being the silly, waste of time and money as it appears to be.

For anyone that needs to be caught up to speed, LiLo filed a lawsuit in 2011 against Pitbull for using her name in his song ‘Give Me Everything’ when he sang the line “Got it Locked up Like Lindsay Lohan” saying that he never had permission to include her name and should not be profiting from it’s use. The wise judge sided with Pitbull and threw it all out of the window ruling that the song is a protected piece of work of art under the first amendment. I think there is also a chance he may have smelt a whiff of something nasty and thought that the claims of any emotional distress suffered are quite frankly, a pile of poo.
However, even when Mr World Wide first heard about being sued a few years ago, Pitbull also seemed just as surprised at the lawsuit and went on to explain the meaning behind the lyrics in previous reports last year, that when he sang. “Took my life from negative to positive” he was talking about himself and it was about turning your life around and as the verse goes on he mentioned LiLo. This was intended to be in a positive manner too as he continued to sing ”Hustlers move in silence, so I’m tip-toeing, So keep blowing, got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” Going on to explain that ‘locked up’ within a neighbourhood means you run that area and is in no way a reference to her actually being locked up in prison. So after Lilo STILL doesn’t understand the indirect compliment and support, continues to sues him, Pit counter sues her and it goes on.
Pitbull being the humble and grounded man that he is, made it clear that there was no malice intended, apologised as soon has he learnt of any offence that may have been caused whilst clarifying how it was intended to really mean (as above) and also went on to invite her to the Video Music Awards with him in a further attempt to make peace. That didn’t go down to well either. The thing that surprises me here is that would her PR/Marketing Team (does she have one??) not have used this as an opportunity to end this headache for themselves AND for our Pitbull by turning the whole thing around on its head and perhaps thought to themselves “HANG ON A MINUTE! Ok Pitbull has mentioned LiLo, we DON’T agree with his explanation of the intention of his use of words in the song. BUT any publicity is good publicity and Pitbull is sky high in his career at the moment and the world seems to be listening to him so let’s allow him to carry us with him for a short while and show that (grit their teeth) we understand and are able to accept his olive branch and encourage LiLo to go to the VMA’s with him and try to show the world that LiLo too can ‘change’ and come across as one of the good public figures. After all, everyone likes a happy ending and Pitbull has got the world eating right out of the palm of his hand right now, maybe we should not do this and pick up a few new LiLo fans on the way? As winning any lawsuit and no amount of money is going to instantly help towards repairing the damage caused to her public image so why not make amends and start building to improve her image and reputation in the process by doing it this way instead?” Either that or just REALLY make an attempt to understand that Pitbull really DID mean it in a positive way towards their client. I shake my head!!!

I admire Pitbull for the way he carries himself and has carried on doing what he does best which is giving his fans great music, being an entrepreneur and doing all of this wearing a huge cheeky smile with a sparkle in the eyes and with a lot of dignity while the legal battle was going around him. I’m sure like any person there are times like this or other situations where you really want to retaliate or bite back. However, Mr World Wide kept his calm and turned the other cheek and went about his business. Similarly, we too at times come across negative comments on Twitter for example, as you search through Pitbull related tweets (obviously by people struck down by a condition called a severe ‘Lack Of Good Taste In Music’ deficiency, don’t panic it’s not contagious!) and we often also see fans wanting to protect our top dog and go into ‘Pitbull Mode’ reactions and rising up to these. Even I have to really bite my tongue really hard not to react and resort to laughing off some of the comments made by people that, as I said have this very curable deficiency and really don’t actually understand or know much about what they are actually talking about. Empty vessels and all that! With Mr World Wide setting an example to us all, let’s all go about it the Pitbull way, that is to and Keep Calm and Dale!

Pitbull has clearly proved in the most gentleman-like manner that he is not a force to be messed with, his charm alone will in most cases win you over. Remember those jokers that started a campaign which they called ‘exile’ Pitbull and send him off to Wal-Mart in Alaska last year and how Pitbull changed the the whole game and took control leaving the them a little bewildered at his ‘Bring it on, let’s do this’ reaction in a good spirited manner. No one can beat Pitbull and his team, you hear me? NO ONE.

Pitbull, God bless you, you really are an example to all of us, thank you for the music, love and teachings. Don’t ever change and as Bruno would say, we love you just the way you are! For those of us that sometimes catch ourselves saying, “Good things happen to bad people” This also proves that the good guys also win in the end.


Serina-Pitbull Fan Unleashed

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